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Scholarship Call for Entries due March 22nd

Call for entries: TSU Juried Annual Student Exhibition

Students! Apply on March 22nd for the 3rd Annual Juried Student Exhibition. This year’s juror is Dallas artist Randy Guthmiller. To apply, turn in 1-3 of your best works to FA room 162 by 5pm on March 22nd. Work must be ready to hang or be screened by a projector/TV. Please talk to the faculty if you have any questions!

Call for Entries: Emerging Versions – A Student Exhibition

Call for Entry


Tarleton Art Society meeting Thursday 9/15th

Tarleton Art Society will be having their first informational meet Thursday, September 15th at 12:15 in FA 162.

Tarleton Final Exam Schedule

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TSU International Week – This Week!

International Week, taking place from November 18 – 22, 2013, supported by the Center for Global and Multicultural Initiatives, offers an opportunity to reflect on global issues that affect us all. In doing so, we’re celebrating the intercultural facets of campus life. Lunch time presentations by international students and other world travelers, musical events, panel discussions have been planned to celebrate the week.

Click here for the full schedule

Day of BFA Candidates

This past Friday we had three BFA presentations. They were all unique in their own way and really brought some interesting skill sets.


Dawn Skinner

Dawn Skinner

The first up was Dawn Skinner. She presented a rewind on TV Guide. She used recent popular TV shows such as Dextar, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Family Guy, Parks and Recreation and New Girl. She used different TV Guides to recreate the new; such as the 1952 cover of Martha Ray and the 1954 cover of Walt Disney. She kept the 15 cent sign along with the red banner that crosses the right bottom corner along with a 1950’s color palette. She did an excellent job recreating the new with the inspiration with the old. Some discussion was brought up about print dying due to social media. However, it is quiet clear that people do enjoy holding a physical item as well as take something that cannot be edited and uploaded more seriously. Dawn’s work gives the audience the opportunity to really appreciate printed media. Great job Dawn!


David Rutledge

David Rutledge

The second up was David Rutledge. He too did a remix but of Tarleton. David used a unique design to revamp the information that is sent out to potiential students of TSU. David believes that design is something that the younger audiences are more keen to notice/ appreciate. With this in mind he offers a new way to present TSU. He uses a more colorful fun and attractive way to present the values that TSU upholds. David’s show posed many questions on the marketing set up of Tarleton and the possible updates that would improve  TSU’s success in getting our name out there. I do believe that David’s work keeps an eye on the future while holding on to Tarleton’s traditions. His work just proves the importance of good design and its impact to today’s society!



Last and certainly not least Cory Crump presented at the Langdon Center in Granbury. Crump discussed his influence of being a member of the military on his choice of picking up a paint brush. Cory’s paintings are always ones that brings chatter to the halls of the Art building. The ability to use amazingly vibrant colors along with the ability to move about the canvas to create fun and unforgettable pieces. Cory hopes to continue on his quest of the canvas and produce work for himself and that represents him. Cory has a great way of connecting with the audience in that we get to see something a bit different then he intended but that is what makes his work important. Great job Crump!


Great job seniors, this semester is proving how awesome our art program is!