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Tarleton Game Club Meeting 9/14

This year’s Game Club interest meeting will be held this next Wednesday, September 14 at noon in room 162 of the Fine Arts building.
We will be discussing what time we wish to *set this semester’s meetings* to and also provide information as to what the Game Development club is and what goals we may wish to have for the semester.
Pizza will be provided and the meeting should not last beyond 1 PM. If you have any comments or questions a good way to reach me would be to message me here on facebook or find me on campus.

The Crew behind this year’s Game Jam submission


Tarleton Game Jam this weekend

Tarleton State University is hosting Game Jam at Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center starting Friday Jan 29 at 3pm through Sunday Jan 31. In room 162. Anyone can come at anytime and be part of it.

More info of Game Jam

Tarleton Game Jam

Game Jam is an international game event where we design and create a video game in 48 hours (straight).

Bring your sleeping bags, coffee, laptop, pen, pencils and your love for video games.  Anyone who loves video games is welcome to be part of it.

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Tarleton Game Club: International Game Day, Thursday Nov 19th

game day

Game Club meeting Wednesday!

Tarleton Game Club Meeting
Room 205 in the O.A. Grant Building
Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 12:00 PM
Professor Knut Hybinette will be giving a lecture on basic 3D modeling and how to export the 3D model to the Unreal 4 game engine.

Tarleton Game Club meeting tomorrow 9/2 at noon in room 162

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Tarleton Art and Digital Media major meeting today

Don’t forget to stop by room 162 at noon to pick up some grub and listen to some announcements by the art faculty.  Some exciting things are going on this year from student opportunities, field trips, study abroad, and more.