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Art/Digital Media Majors meeting Wednesday

There will be a mandatory meeting for ALL Art/Digital Media Majors meeting Wednesday at 4pm in the theater room 104

Welcome back students!

Welcome back students and new incoming freshman!  The Tarleton Art and Digital Media Studies area is excited to see students coming back to campus.  We have our biggest enrollment ever this semester so we are looking forward to seeing many new faces.  Classes start on Monday, August 28th.

Spring 2017 Finals Schedule

Thursday, May 4

Friday, May 5

Saturday, May 6

Final Exams for TR 9:25am

8:00am10:30pm CDT

Final Exams for TR 2:40pm

11:30am2:00pm CDT

Final Exams for TR 10:50am

3:00pm5:30pm CDT

Monday, May 8

Spring 2nd 8-Week Session Final Exams

All Day (until May 10)

Final Exams for MWF 9:00am

8:00am10:30am CDT

Final Exams for MWF 2:00pm

11:30am2:00pm CDT

Final Exams for MWF 10:00am

3:00pm5:30pm CDT

Tuesday, May 9

Final Exams for TR 8:00am

8:00am10:30am CDT

Final Exams for All Math 1314

11:30am2:00pm CDT

Final Exams for TR 1:15pm

3:00pm5:30pm CDT

Wednesday, May 10

Final Exams for MWF 8:00am

8:00am10:30pm CDT

Final Exams for MWF 1:00pm

11:30am2:00pm CDT

Final Exams for MWF 12:00pm

3:00pm5:30pm CDT

Student Trip to New York City – April 2017

Faculty and students from Tarleton took a field trip to New York City in April of 2017.  Students got to see the Whitney Biennial, the Museum of Modern Art, the Met, the Brooklyn Museum and others. They visited for a couple hours with artists Josh Nierodzinski and Natasa Prjelvic to talk about graduate programs, residencies, and studio and professional practices.

New York City Student trip 2017

Senior Exhibition Series starts this week

Starting next week, the Art and Digital Media Studies Senior Exhibition Series. Below is the following schedule. All Senior Lectures will be at 12 noon in the Gallery.

Leslie Richardson: April 10 -12 with lecture on 11th
Ryne Clem / Marybeth Powers: April 13-17 with lecture on 13th (Mary Beth) and the 17th (Ryne)
Braden Preston / Brandi Alfred: April 18 -20 with lecture on 18th (Brandi), and 19th (Braden)
Maria Beasley / Traci Zook: April 21 -25 with lecture on 21st (Maria) and 24 (Traci)
Sarah Castillo: April 26 -28 with lecture on 27th
Shelby Culberson: May 1-3 with lecture on 5/1st
Julie Richmond: May 4-8 with lecture on 5/8th

Photos from Tarleton Service Day

Molly Dierk’s Service Day Group

Knut Hybinette’s Granbury Photo Project

Visiting Artist Randy Guthmiller tommorow

Visiting artist in the Painting rm 160 tomorrow at 10am- DFW artist Randy Guthmiller, all are welcome to attend