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Brandie Smith – BFA Exhibition opening Monday 11/2, Brown bag lecture at noon on 11/3


The Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center Gallery at Tarleton State University presents the first exhibition in the BFA Senior Exhibition series of Fall 2015. Post Baccalaureate student Brandie Smith will be presenting She, an abstract exploration of memories in paragraphs and photographs, November 1-5 2015. The exhibition will be at the Clyde H. Well Fine Arts Gallery. Brandie is seeking a BFA with a Digital Media emphasis. A lecture will be held November 3rd at noon and a public reception November 4 from 5 to 7pm.

With this body of work Brandie is interested in digging through her memories and expressing them as her truths. The raw memories are presented on the walls using  straightforward, clean text. The photographs overlaying the text are macro images of Brandie’s skin that are reimagined in an abstract way. With this exhibition she is reconnecting with who she is as well as bringing to light the way we connect as human beings. This work is the starting point for Brandie to continue her career as an artist and graphic designer.

The gallery hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information contact gallery advisor Chris Ireland,

Exhibition – Variable Array

Variable Array

Texas Woman’s University / Visual Arts

April 3 – 29, 2015 / Reception: Friday, April 10 / 6-9pm

(from the press release) Work by current graduate students in TWU Department of Visual Arts chosen by the faculty in the department. The work shows the broad range of ideas, concepts and techniques that are employed by the students at TWU. The work ranges from formal investigations in paint and graphite to very experimental works with alternative media, unique sculptural installation and work with social and political impact. We are very proud to present this exhibition in Fort Worth to showcase the tremendous talent and artwork of our students.

Fort Worth Community Arts Center / / 1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth Texas 76107



As you all know I am constantly on The Great Discontent reading about artist and such. Well, they are updating an interview they had with Elle Luna. She is an amazing artist based out of San Francisco, whom dropped everything bought a white walled studio and is painting full time! She is involved in several projects and one is coming up that we all can participate in. She is working with the Museum of Modern Art to encourage artists to do work for 100 days. The artist gets to choose their subject and medium they just need to commit to repeating their work for 100 days. (For example Elle did 100 days of self portraits.) The goal is to get the artist to show up for the work and do the work and over time their skills will be enhanced. You can participate by documenting your work on social media using the #MoMA100Days and creating your own unique # that has to do with your work and that can be found in one place.

You can download the above images here (blue, green, red) to post them to your social media to tell others and to get started!

Here is the full article with all the details.

This is a great project for those of us that have graduated (may encourage some much needed motivation) and those of us still on campus who need a little nudge (you know who you are).

So check out the interview this will begin April 6, 2015. I hope that you all join I look forward to seeing some great work!

40 of Elle Luna's #100selfportraits

41 of Elle Luna’s #100selfportraits


*photos and info from The Great Discontent*

The Middle and the End of the Senior BFAs

Blu Dornan Art

Last week we got to experience two more presentations of BFA candidates.


First up was Blu Dornan with Finding My Voice…an Exploration of Portraiture. Blu discussed several of his pieces. The first being an oil of his father braiding rope. Blu stated that the image represents a defiance of health issues that his father had experienced. He is piecing his life back together, although not perfect but he still perseveres. He featured other unique ways to represent portraits. One being a representation of his friend Nick Pernokas with a tie down strap. The tie down represents their relationship in that Mr. Pernokas is there when he needs someone to keep him level. Blu also includes photographs of dairies in the Stephenville area. The ‘portraits’ of the dairies are named with inspiration from the Greek Empire. Representing the decline of the local dairies. Blu plans to get himself out in the commercial world with working more in western art. Blu presented a unique way of showing portaits of the people that surrounds him that in turn can be a self portrait.


On the same day as Blu presented, Heather Weeks took to the podium. Heather decided to toss her previous idea of her senior show and set herself free with colorful paint and a blank canvas. She stated that she typically focused on a subject but with her senior show she wanted the freedom of allowing the paint flow for itself. She needed to get excited about her work again and by her presentation the audience could really feel that. Heather said that her pieces capture a moment in time and that she does feel an emotional connection to each piece. She plans to take her new found freedom into her future! Great job Heather!


A few days later we got to experience two more BFA candidates.

Cam Rich brought to light constructivism with modern brands. Brands are constantly tossed in our face. Cam equated such acts with Russian propaganda. He built interesting posters using a darker and minimal color pallet and the subject of brands such as Starbucks, McDonalds and Red Bull. To top it all off Cam built a wall and plastered the posters to it. This overlapped the media, possibly to discuss how media’s insistent presence can be overwhelming. There was some discussion of this media acting as art or aimed more towards design for the specific companies. In my opinion this was a great act of art and the best type; the type that creates discussions and makes the audience think. However, the most meaningful opinion in the room was that of Mr. Davis and it is safe to say that he was impressed! Congratulations Cam, we look forward to seeing more of your work.


Along with Cam came another great presentation by Brittany Broussard. This gal has been busy this semester, she took on branding an entire company. Dad’s Specialty Printing is a local business that Brittany did some work for and vamped up their entire brand and marketing system. She didn’t just create a logo, she assisted on the aim of the business and getting their name out there. She designed shirts, packing material, business cards, a commercial and built a website. She really took on what some of us graphic designers look forward to doing in our future. It was said that Brittany had a superior presentation. Something we can all agree on! Great job Brittany, you are an inspiration for other Digital Media students!


Last and certainty not least was Tracy Dominguez whom took to the podium this week. Tracy is another inspiring woman whom finally followed her dream of becoming an artist. With her senior show she took to oil on canvas with subjects from Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Tracy wanted to explore the animals interaction with humans. Fossil Rim is the place for that. She featured three pieces of four animals; emu, zebras, giraffes and white tailed deer. She photographed the animals and then took to the canvas to recreate the images in her own way by adding unique colors and interesting backgrounds. Some said that these pieces can be considered ‘selfies’ of the animals. The pieces carry so much personality of the subjects and really gives the audience a nice connection to these creatures.


GREAT GREAT GREAT job seniors this semester! There has been word that this has been one of the best collections of senior BFAs our department has seen. Seems like we are getting better by the semester.

Day of BFA Candidates

This past Friday we had three BFA presentations. They were all unique in their own way and really brought some interesting skill sets.


Dawn Skinner

Dawn Skinner

The first up was Dawn Skinner. She presented a rewind on TV Guide. She used recent popular TV shows such as Dextar, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Family Guy, Parks and Recreation and New Girl. She used different TV Guides to recreate the new; such as the 1952 cover of Martha Ray and the 1954 cover of Walt Disney. She kept the 15 cent sign along with the red banner that crosses the right bottom corner along with a 1950’s color palette. She did an excellent job recreating the new with the inspiration with the old. Some discussion was brought up about print dying due to social media. However, it is quiet clear that people do enjoy holding a physical item as well as take something that cannot be edited and uploaded more seriously. Dawn’s work gives the audience the opportunity to really appreciate printed media. Great job Dawn!


David Rutledge

David Rutledge

The second up was David Rutledge. He too did a remix but of Tarleton. David used a unique design to revamp the information that is sent out to potiential students of TSU. David believes that design is something that the younger audiences are more keen to notice/ appreciate. With this in mind he offers a new way to present TSU. He uses a more colorful fun and attractive way to present the values that TSU upholds. David’s show posed many questions on the marketing set up of Tarleton and the possible updates that would improve  TSU’s success in getting our name out there. I do believe that David’s work keeps an eye on the future while holding on to Tarleton’s traditions. His work just proves the importance of good design and its impact to today’s society!



Last and certainly not least Cory Crump presented at the Langdon Center in Granbury. Crump discussed his influence of being a member of the military on his choice of picking up a paint brush. Cory’s paintings are always ones that brings chatter to the halls of the Art building. The ability to use amazingly vibrant colors along with the ability to move about the canvas to create fun and unforgettable pieces. Cory hopes to continue on his quest of the canvas and produce work for himself and that represents him. Cory has a great way of connecting with the audience in that we get to see something a bit different then he intended but that is what makes his work important. Great job Crump!


Great job seniors, this semester is proving how awesome our art program is!


Rejuvenating Landscapes with Aaron Meeks


Aaron Meeks put on a great presentation to kick of the BFA candidate brown bags!

Aaron’s focus is on rejuvenating the landscape with night photography. He is bringing to light the landscapes that we see everyday and may just be passing by. The five pieces he presented in his show were from Santo, Morgan Mill, Glen Rose, Milsap, and Granbury.  Aaron described his experience of photographing these abandoned places at night as calming. He wanted to bring his experience of surrounded by darkness to the viewer and that is his reasoning of photographing in panoramic. Aaron uses external lights such as flash and flash lights to bring focus to parts of the landscapes that he photographs.

Aaron’s work is very interesting and inspires the viewer to keep an open eye to their surroundings and the possibility to view it in a different way. In my opinion that is what a photographer should do and Aaron has done it very well!

When asked for advice for his fellow students he stated that you should not over think your work and that you should get excited about your work. If you do something that you are excited about it will be easier to talk about.

That is some valuable advice.

Congratulations Aaron, you did a great job presenting and your work is very interesting.


Exhibition Opp- Calling for Grad and Undergrad Students


2015 Rising Eyes of Texas Exhibition: March 14 – April 4, 2015. 

$500 First Place Cash Award, $300 Second Place, $200 Third Place.

Prize Juror: Shea Little, Executive Director of Big Medium and Co-Founder of the East Austin Studio Tour

Entry Deadline: Monday, December 15, 2014

1) Fill out the Entry Form Linked Below


2) Email your images to

(You may also include a short artist statement about the work in the body of the email.)

3) Pay the Entry Fee via Paypal ($15.00 per entry unless you do three and its $10.00 per entry)

(You may also pay by credit card over the phone 361.729.5519 M-F 10 am – 4 pm; or mail a check to RCA, 902 Navigation Circle, Rockport, TX, 78382. Payment must be received by entry deadline to qualify.)

Here is the full prospectus (complete info and disclaimer)

Check out their past winners

Enter here athe Rock Portar Center’s website.