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As you all know I am constantly on The Great Discontent reading about artist and such. Well, they are updating an interview they had with Elle Luna. She is an amazing artist based out of San Francisco, whom dropped everything bought a white walled studio and is painting full time! She is involved in several projects and one is coming up that we all can participate in. She is working with the Museum of Modern Art to encourage artists to do work for 100 days. The artist gets to choose their subject and medium they just need to commit to repeating their work for 100 days. (For example Elle did 100 days of self portraits.) The goal is to get the artist to show up for the work and do the work and over time their skills will be enhanced. You can participate by documenting your work on social media using the #MoMA100Days and creating your own unique # that has to do with your work and that can be found in one place.

You can download the above images here (blue, green, red) to post them to your social media to tell others and to get started!

Here is the full article with all the details.

This is a great project for those of us that have graduated (may encourage some much needed motivation) and those of us still on campus who need a little nudge (you know who you are).

So check out the interview this will begin April 6, 2015. I hope that you all join I look forward to seeing some great work!

40 of Elle Luna's #100selfportraits

41 of Elle Luna’s #100selfportraits


*photos and info from The Great Discontent*

AIGA- American Institute of Graphic Arts


Have you digital peeps heard of AIGA?

Founded in 1914 as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design and is now known simply as “AIGA, the professional association for design.”

Who we are and what we do

A vision for AIGA

AIGA brings design to the world, and the world to designers. As the profession’s largest community, we advance design as a respected craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. From content that defines the global practice to events that connect and catalyze, we work to enhance the value and deepen the impact of design on business, society and our collective future.

The mission of AIGA

AIGA advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. As the largest community of design advocates, we bring together practitioners, enthusiasts and patrons to amplify the voice of design and create the vision for a collective future. We define global standards and ethical practices, guide design education, inspire designers and the public, enhance professional development, and make powerful tools and resources accessible to all.

Who are we?

AIGA is a global community of design advocates and practitioners.

What does AIGA do?

AIGA advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force by connecting practitioners, enthusiasts and patrons through regional, national and global events and by creating and curating content that:

  • advocates for a greater understanding of the value of designers and design in government, business, media and the public
  • enhances professional development
  • defines global standards and ethical practices
  • inspires designers and the public
  • establishes criteria for design education that meets the needs of the profession
  • makes powerful tools and resources available and accessible
  • celebrates and enhances the value of design
  • mobilizes a global design movement


They have a listing of Job Opportunities you can search in an state.

You can become a member and become as involved as you would like to be.

Check out their inspiration page too!


I listen to Debbie Millman’s podcasts (called Design Matters and can be found here) and she is a major part of AIGA. I recommend you check her out too. She has an amazing podcast that features a variety of designers/artists and just amazing people….maybe I’ll do a post about that soon!

Anyway, it’s always good to find organizations to be a part of to further your creativeness/ career/ and other goings on.

So go get inspired people!


A Few Tutorials

Tutorials are essential for those of us that like to look into something a little bit deeper. Here are a couple of interesting links/tutorials to hopefully get you creative mind working!

Adobe Creative Cloud has updated a few of their programs!

(Illustration is that of Adobe Illustrator)

(Illustration is that of Adobe Illustrator)

The first is in Adobe Illustrator and their Touch Type tool. This gives the user the ability to edit a single element within text! Check it out here.

Also, there is a blog specific for Adobe Illustrator.


Adobe PhotoshopCC

Adobe PhotoshopCC

The next tutorial is in Adobe Photoshop. Here is a quick run through about their 3D printing options……so nifty!

Here is a little bit more detailed tutorial on working with and creating 3D objects in Photoshop.

And here is Adobe Photoshop blog to get up to date info and goings on.


Skillshare Logo

Skillshare Logo


The last tutorial I want to show is not Adobe but from Skillshare. Typically you have to pay to get access to their classes but they had a free one up that may be beneficial to the students that are in Ireland’s class that is doing the collaboration with the English class. The class is called Read, Think, Design: Create Stunning Book Covers with Peter Mendelsund. This fellow gives tips on breaking down a story and creating an illustration for that story. You have to create a log in but it is worth it! Be sure to have a look around, there are other free tutorials on Skillshare.


Well, hopefully one of these links tickles your fancy. Keep creating, the semester is not over yet!


The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent

As an artist (or an individual finding their place as an artist) it is helpful to hear about other artists’ journeys. I myself have a creepish need to read about other artists. This may be because I am looking for a piece of me in their story that will then allow me to believe that I am on the right track. So one of the places I get my artist inspiration fix is The Great Discontent. The website was created by a couple based in New York. They interview different artists around the US (and some outside). They are not specific on the type of artist really just someone that is inspirational and doing some great things to contribute to the art world today. They recently printed their first magazine which includes some extra interview questions from previous interviewed artists and some new ones. They also have some other cool things for sale here.

Something that I really enjoy about their interviews is that it seems as if they are just sitting down with a friend and seeing how they are doing. This is a great skill to have! They are able to capture the reader’s interest. One of the most interesting details about The Great Discontent is how they received their name… by thriving in the thought of not ever being content (some paraphrasing there, but a great concept). The last thing that really captures me personally is their risk taking abilities. They recently quit their jobs to pursue this project full time which is very respectable. I also believe that each interview must involve some sort of risk….catching the right artist, making the best connection and then producing a great read for their audience…..Let’s just say I like risky business and absolutely enjoy seeing others succeed in their risks.

A few of my favorite interviews include:

Sara Blake

Merlin Mann

Elle Luna

Helena Price

Debbie Millman

Paul Octavious

That is just a few….check them out and find some of your favorites!!!!!!

International Game Developers Association – Info meeting 2.9.12


Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.08.13 PM

Are you interested in becoming a game designer? This is a great way to get involved and connected. Knut will be having a meeting on 1.29.14 at noon in the theatre workshop room 103, in the Fine Arts building to give the details and information about IGDA.

Global Game Jam

Hey Video Gamers at Tarleton. We are going to host (January 24-26) one of the biggest GLOBAL GAME JAM here at Tarleton State University. We need everyone from Arts, Music, English, Theater, Computer Science or anyone who loves video games.

More info for (Stephenville):

What is GLOBAL GAME JAM. It is a weekend that stirs a global creative buzz in games, while at the same time exploring the process of development, be it programming, iterative design, narrative exploration or artistic expression. It is all condensed into a 48 hour development cycle. The Global Game Jam encourages people with all kinds of backgrounds to participate and contribute to this global spread of game development and creativity. Or who just likes to collaborate in creative way. The structure of a jam is usually that everyone gathers on Friday late afternoon, watches a short video keynote with advice from leading game developers, and then a secret theme is announced. All sites worldwide are then challenged to make games based on that same theme, with games to be completed by Sunday afternoon. People are invited to explore new technology tools, trying on new roles in development and testing their skills to do something that requires them to design, develop create, test and make a new game in the time span of 48 hours.

Everyone is invited who loves games or Anyone with a good attitude and is willing to do something productive, not an “Idea Guy”

Congrats Knut!!


“Hey! It’s me!!!

Last Monday,  a project that Knut worked on was recognized by  the White House. The eSmart project is a simulation to teach patients how to deal with health care professionals. The link below will take you to the eSmart page that has interesting video about creation and the technology behind the game.