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Art/Digital Media Senior Exhibitions open Monday


The Department of Fine Arts is pleased to showcase the work of five graduating seniors at the Spring 2016 Senior BFA Exhibition Series, on display at the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center Gallery from April 11th to May 2nd.   This group of seniors includes students who are receiving their BFA in Studio Art along with graduates of the interdisciplinary Digital Media Studies degree program. Because of the number of graduates, there will be a rotation of four exhibitions in the gallery during that time.  This gives the opportunity for the artists to mount a unique and professional exhibition of a complete body of work that showcases a cohesive portfolio in the field of study the student intends to focus on upon graduation. 

For the first exhibition, Otoniel Chaine will be presenting A Series of Landscapes, his most current collection of photography of urban and natural landscapes, from April 11-14. He is inspired by his observation and exploration of these cities and nature. The artists Jordan Privett and Robert Fletcher will participate in a shared exhibition from April 15-20. Jordan Privett will be presenting Recreated Disney Posters, a project of reimagined designs from class Disney films. Robert Fletcher will be presenting Impression of Memories, a series of HDR photographs that explore the mind and memories and how easy it is for memories to get mixed together and become something new. Nicole Shortes will be presenting Illumination, on April 21 – 26. Nicole Shortes’ work was inspired by how light gets lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life until it is taken away, and studies how light can also create masterpieces when given a chance. And finally, Chelsea Drisdale will be presenting her series of her most recent paintings on April 27th to May 2nd.

 Each senior is required to participate in an oral defense of the work that is open to the public.  These will usually take place on selected Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the month of April.  More information on specific times will be posted on the official Department website and on





Tarleton Service Day art projects in Fort Worth


Tarleton Art and Digital Media students had a swell time working on restoring the Eddelman-McFarland House in Fort Worth for Tarleton Service Day.