Registration and Advising for Summer/Fall 2016

The summer/fall 2016 courses are available for viewing when you sign in on Ducktrax. 

Registration dates are as follows:

March 25      Honors College Students, Texan Reps, Athletes

March 28      Doctoral/Graduates/Post-Baccalaureate/Senior Students

March 31      Junior Students

April 3          Sophomore Students

April 6          Freshman Students

Registration is based on a student’s current classification. In progress courses are not included when determining classification for registration purposes.

Registration online will be open daily from 6:00 AM – 11:59 PM.

You may seek advising from Tim Harding (art), Knut Hybinette (digital) or Chris Ireland (both) by emailing them and setting up appointments or visiting them during office hours.  

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