Faculty Forum: Knut Hybinette – Tuesday, November 17th at 12:10 in Grant 116


Come to the Tarleton Liberal and Fine Arts Faculty Forum on Tuesday, November 17th in Grant 116 at 12:10pm. Digital Media Studies professor Knut Hybinette will be presenting his artwork and research.  Lunch will be served from Wing Stop.  

 Knut Hybinette will give a talk about his personal journey of creating photography, a 15 year project called Heathen, as well as his latest video game work, Esmart and Wonder.

The Heathen Photography Series is about Mischief and mythology.  Each photograph in this series illustrates a story from Swedish folklore or Norse mythology.  The subjects in the photographs are of his parents.  When he was young, Knut used to act out Astrid Lindgren’s stories of Pippi Longstocking, and to this day his photographs reflect this acting out. Acting out may be a family tradition; through these photographs, Knut has learned that the games he played, his parents also played as children.  Expressing his personality is easy in photography medium, even easier than speaking in his native Swedish tongue.

“Esmart” is a game simulation that addresses the problem of overcrowded cities and overworked doctors and aids patients with chronic pain in communicating effectively with health care providers in order to understand and properly diagnose medical issues.

“Wonder” is an innovative satirical interactive game environment that exposes the very real issue of how our society has become overly dependent on smart phone entertainment and social interaction, in particular, young adults currently enrolled in undergraduate degree programs, and how this addictive compulsion distracts attention from real life, often resulting in otherwise avoidable accidents and harm.

Knut will also talk about his deep-rooted love for preserved meat products in buns.

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