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Freelance Opportunity: Boomtown Game Ranch

I got this email the other day regarding a logo design opportunity for someone who is interested in freelance experience.

My name is Amanda Nevill,  My family is opening a hunting game ranch here around Stephenville.  We are trying to come up with a logo for it.  I was wondering if there was anyway any of your students could help us.  The name is Boomtown and we would like some type of old oil rig or old oil pump jack in it as well as deer, horns, or exotics in it. Also would like a hidden H in it somewhere for our last name Howle. If there is anyway you and your students could help out that would be great! We want a custom logo and I think your talented students could help us out. Thank you

If you are interested, contact me, Chris Ireland, and I can hook you up with the client.

Employment Oppurtunities: Paid Film Editing Freelance Work

I was approached by some local filmmakers about a paid film editing gig.  Here is the description they sent me: 

The name of our production company is “Crazy Flamingo”. The producer’s names are Carla and GeorgeAnn Landreth. We are creating a Christmas movie called “It’s on the List”. It’s a comedy about 2 cousins that have to gather whatever is left of the family for a Christmas Dinner in order to inherit there Aunt’s estate whom just passed away. Total comedy ensues with colorful characters and a wacky murderer on the lose. This all takes place in a small Texas town with one location (being a house).  We will begin filming in late November the script is 85 pages long with lots of description. We would hope to have the movie ready to go by New Year’s. 

If you are interested, contact me, Chris Ireland, and I can hook you up with the filmmakers.