Student Opportunity: Fine Arts Intern

The department of Fine Arts is looking for an intern to assist with department activities.  This positions will be listed under Tarleton’s intern 2 learn program.

The qualified applicant must:

  • Serve as a lab monitor for the computer lab two evenings a week, as well as monitor of the design studio
  • Be proficient in Photoshop and/or Illustrator to do graphic design and photography for department
  • Serve as administrator for social media sites, provide content weekly
  • Be available to hang and strike gallery exhibits
  • Be available for Fine Arts recruiting events
  • Clean, prep, organize art studios
  • Perform service tasks around art department
  • Be flexible with their schedule, available some weekends, and is available all year

If interested, speak to any of the art faculty, and we will start collecting names for interviews soon

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