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Student Opportunity: Fine Arts Intern

The department of Fine Arts is looking for an intern to assist with department activities.  This positions will be listed under Tarleton’s intern 2 learn program.

The qualified applicant must:

  • Serve as a lab monitor for the computer lab two evenings a week, as well as monitor of the design studio
  • Be proficient in Photoshop and/or Illustrator to do graphic design and photography for department
  • Serve as administrator for social media sites, provide content weekly
  • Be available to hang and strike gallery exhibits
  • Be available for Fine Arts recruiting events
  • Clean, prep, organize art studios
  • Perform service tasks around art department
  • Be flexible with their schedule, available some weekends, and is available all year

If interested, speak to any of the art faculty, and we will start collecting names for interviews soon

Exhibition Opportunity – AIA Fort Worth: Perspective Photography

Contact AIA Fort Worth
: Fort Worth
Visit Website

Due August 28th

AIA FW will host its annual photography exhibit at the 2015 FW Arts Goggle event on October 10th with the theme this year being “perspective”. All pieces will be for sale unless otherwise requested by the photographer. To participate return this registration form and $25 fee to AIAFW by August 28th. Each participant is responsible for any expense towards prints (including one larger sized foam backed print for display and min. 10 prints with mat board and plastic sleeve for sell) but will receive 100% of the revenue for all work sold. Limit two photographs per participant. AIA FW will provide the tent, credit card payment devices and volunteers to maintain the booth during the exhibit. This opportunity is open only to members of AIA Fort Worth.

Student Freelance Opportunity: Video Editor

(this is from an email I recieved from GeorgeAnne Landreth about a film editing oppurtunity) ….”The name of our production company is “Carzy Flamingo”. The producer’s name is Carla Landreth you can find her on fb along with me (GeorgeAnne Landreth). We are creating a Christmas movie called “It’s on the List”. It’s a comedy about 2 cousins that have to gather whatever is left of the family for a Christmas Dinner in order to inherit there Aunt’s estate whom just passed away. Total comedy ensues with colorful characters and a wacky murderer on the lose. This all takes place in a small Texas town with one location (being a house). So there are not very many special effects that are needed except some phone rings here and there and no CGI what so ever. The only reason why I can’t do the editing myself is because I don’t have the proper equipment/technology (we still have dial-up at our house). Never mind I have never had any training or talent in editing. We will begin filming in late November the script is 85 pages long with lots of description. We have budgeted some money to pay the editor. We would hope to have the movie ready to go by New Year’s? I would also be available at all times for help with edit since I am the director. We have a few actors we are bringing in from out of state and Dallas to help make the production as professional, fun and attractive as possible.”

I have spoken to GeorgeAnne and all the need is someone with Adobe Premiere experience.  This sounds like a good opportunity for a paid gig and a major resume builder.  Please contact me (Chris Ireland) if you are interested and I can pass along the contact info

Tarleton Art and Digital Media major meeting today

Don’t forget to stop by room 162 at noon to pick up some grub and listen to some announcements by the art faculty.  Some exciting things are going on this year from student opportunities, field trips, study abroad, and more.