Senior BFA Exhibition and Review Schedule

Starting this Monday (4/20) in the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center Gallery, the Department of Fine Arts will exhibit the senior work of three students who are candidates for the Bachelor in Fine Art degrees. The Spring 2015 Senior Art Exhibition showcases the work of Alyssa Bedrick, Sarah Cook, and Jerae David, each of whom displays a variety of styles and approaches to art and design. 

The purpose of the senior exhibition is to give student artists the opportunity to mount a professional exhibition of a complete body of work that showcases a cohesive portfolio in their chosen field of study. Alyssa Bedrick is pursuing a career in the field of art education. Her work explores the many areas of expertise required to be a successful teacher.  Nature is a huge influence in Alyssa’s artwork with many of her pieces featuring animals and organic designs. Sarah Cook’s body of work, entitled At All Costs, is an ambiguous fantasy-narrative told through acrylic paintings and mixed media sculpture. Jerae David’s work was a collaboration project with the Fort Worth-based business Re-Think It. Jerae designed a commercial brand identity campaign for the client based on “upcycling” thrift items for event planning, reorganization, and redecoration. 

The three students will participate in an oral defense/discussion of their work, as per the requirements of their capstone course. These presentations are open to the public and scheduled as follows:  

  • Alyssa Bedrick (art education) 4/21 at noon in the TSU gallery
  • Sarah Cook (painting/illustration) 4/23 at noon in the TSU gallery
  • Jerae David (graphic design) 4/28 at noon in the TSU gallery

This exhibition is open to the public and will run until May 2nd. There will be a reception for the artists from 6pm-8pm on Sunday, April 25th.

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