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Student Opportunity: Tarleton Anthology 2015


Submit your creative work to Anthology: A Student Forum for Prose, Poetry, and the Visual Arts.

$350 in Editors’ Choice Awards

Deadline for the 2015 edition will be mid-February

A New Semester Begins


Hey there all you Art Stars (as Knut calls us) it is time for a new semester to begin! Hopefully you have dedicated some of your time off to your work as an artist. As for someone that has allowed the intense football season along with mild illness, oh, and the festivities of Christmas, put my creative mind on hold (not to mention my fitness regimen). It is time for us to get our stuff together. I have continued to listen to the podcast by Debbie Millman called Design Matters…..get your buns over and check this out. Along with securing my purchase of the next publication of The Great Discontent. I feel like these actions have cancelled out my lack of progress on my duties to the art world. However, we all know this is fictional. I recently dove into the book called The War of Art. Grant it, its a bit whimsy but it does offer a bold place in the world of creativity. This book discusses the fight artists have with creating and distractions that keep them from creating. I recommend picking it up!

I have a feeling that this semester is going to be an intense one. A few of us will be graduating. A few of us will be preparing to graduate later this year. Then there are the few of us just starting. Let’s make this our year! Our year to pick up our medium and allow our voices be heard!

Drop this gal a line if you know of something interesting coming up or if you just have a tidbit to share this semester…