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As you all know I am constantly on The Great Discontent reading about artist and such. Well, they are updating an interview they had with Elle Luna. She is an amazing artist based out of San Francisco, whom dropped everything bought a white walled studio and is painting full time! She is involved in several projects and one is coming up that we all can participate in. She is working with the Museum of Modern Art to encourage artists to do work for 100 days. The artist gets to choose their subject and medium they just need to commit to repeating their work for 100 days. (For example Elle did 100 days of self portraits.) The goal is to get the artist to show up for the work and do the work and over time their skills will be enhanced. You can participate by documenting your work on social media using the #MoMA100Days and creating your own unique # that has to do with your work and that can be found in one place.

You can download the above images here (blue, green, red) to post them to your social media to tell others and to get started!

Here is the full article with all the details.

This is a great project for those of us that have graduated (may encourage some much needed motivation) and those of us still on campus who need a little nudge (you know who you are).

So check out the interview this will begin April 6, 2015. I hope that you all join I look forward to seeing some great work!

40 of Elle Luna's #100selfportraits

41 of Elle Luna’s #100selfportraits


*photos and info from The Great Discontent*