Extra Lives Exhibit


You all have probably been wondering what is up in the gallery. Well, Knut has put together a collection of game designers/artists that focus on creating games that teach. Artists featured include Markus Hammerstedt, Elizabeth Keegan and Julia Detar. The works include how to make a game by using a video game along with other education topics such as the circle of life. So, why is this an art exhibition? Knut feels that there is art in gaming; the interaction with the audience and what from that interaction can be taken beyond the game. When asked why he is featuring this art form in the gallery, he stated because it had not been done before. I highly encourage you all take a look and put some thought into the art of our surroundings and experiences.  Look out for the brownbag that will be featuring one of the artists.


Press Release: Extra Lives is a group art show of four various game designers/Artists who deal with education. The show can be viewed or played at the Gallery in the Fine Art Building. Elizabeth Keegan, John Clochesy, Julia Detar and Markus Hammarstedt are the artists/game designer that is showing.  There are three educational video games you can play with. ESmart, Play and Eat. Also, there is a video projection of two game animations that was created by Markus Hammarstedt.  There will be a Brown bag lecture coming up by Markus Hammarstedt. Who will be talking about his experience being the lead animator for Castle Wolfenstein and other Triple A games.


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