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Cory Crump Senior BFA Exhibition 11/14-11/16 review at 4pm 11/14

Artist and painter Cory Crump is a senior BFA Major at Tarleton State University, based in Granbury, TX. He will be presenting his senior capstone exhibition at the Dora Lee Langdon Center Gallery in Granbury, TX. His exhibition will be open the weekend of November 14th to the 16th. There will be a reception with the artist from 5 to 7pm on Friday, November 14th.

Cory Crump says about his work, “I believe that everyone has the innate capability to be an artist or creator, but we do not all manifest our perceptions in the same way. To me, Art is about relationships. I look for ways to connect the natural to the manmade, the spiritual to the physical, and try not to be overtly serious about these connections in the process. I am constantly pushing buttons, taking things that are serious lightly, and looking at serious alternatives to the lighter things in life. The purpose of my paintings is to show the connections and to transcend objective and subjective dichotomies.”

All Art and Digital Media majors are required to give a public presentation of their work during their Senior Exhibit. There will be a Q and A from faculty and students, are all welcome to attend. The lecture will be Friday, November 14th, at 4pm at the Langdon Center Gallery.

Google Map Directions to Langdon Center

Rejuvenating Landscapes with Aaron Meeks


Aaron Meeks put on a great presentation to kick of the BFA candidate brown bags!

Aaron’s focus is on rejuvenating the landscape with night photography. He is bringing to light the landscapes that we see everyday and may just be passing by. The five pieces he presented in his show were from Santo, Morgan Mill, Glen Rose, Milsap, and Granbury.  Aaron described his experience of photographing these abandoned places at night as calming. He wanted to bring his experience of surrounded by darkness to the viewer and that is his reasoning of photographing in panoramic. Aaron uses external lights such as flash and flash lights to bring focus to parts of the landscapes that he photographs.

Aaron’s work is very interesting and inspires the viewer to keep an open eye to their surroundings and the possibility to view it in a different way. In my opinion that is what a photographer should do and Aaron has done it very well!

When asked for advice for his fellow students he stated that you should not over think your work and that you should get excited about your work. If you do something that you are excited about it will be easier to talk about.

That is some valuable advice.

Congratulations Aaron, you did a great job presenting and your work is very interesting.


David Rutledge and Dawn Skinner – BFA Exhibition opening Thursday 11/13

Dawn Skinner

Dawn Skinner

The Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center Gallery at Tarleton State University presents a senior art exhibition including two digital media senior students, David Rutledge and Dawn Skinner. The show will run from November 13 – 17 with a brown bag lecture on the first day, November 13, at noon.

Rutledge, a Stephenville native, will present “Tarleton: The Remix”, a show consisting of digital and time based media centered on higher education marketing and graphic design.

“I’ve been creating content for Tarleton’s Student Publications for about a year, and my approach to this body of work is really centered around that,” Rutledge said. “I felt the need to create a series that captured the essence of Tarleton and what it really means to me and future students.

Rutledge will hold a reception on November 13 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Skinner, from Haskell, Texas, will showcase “TV Guide Replay”, consisting of digitally produced TV Guide magazine covers portraying this generation’s TV shows with a 1950’s design style.

“My goal is to convince people these covers were really designed over 60 years ago, but find humor in that they are what they see on TV today,” Skinner said. “I really enjoyed designing this and I hope viewers will enjoy it, too.”

The gallery hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information contact Rutledge at, or Skinner at

David Rutledge

David Rutledge


Revised BFA Exhibition Schedule

All exhibits are at the TSU Art Gallery unless noted.  All receptions and lectures are free and open to the public.

Aaron Meeks 11/10-11/12 with review 11/11 at 12pm
David Rutledge and Dawn Skinner 11/13-11/17 with review 11/14 at 12pm
Opening Reception Nov. 13th 5 – 6:30pm
Cory Crump 11/14-11/16 at Langdon Center, review 11/14 at 4pm
Opening Reception Nov. 14th 4 – 5pm at the Langdon Center
Blu Dornan and Heather Weeks 11/18-11/20 with review 11/18 at 12pm
Brittany Broussard and Cam Rich 11/21-11/25 with review 11/25 at 12pm
Reception will be held Nov. 21 from 4:30-6 p.m. outside the gallery
Tracy Dominguez 12/1-12/3 with review 12/2 at 12pm

AIGA- American Institute of Graphic Arts


Have you digital peeps heard of AIGA?

Founded in 1914 as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design and is now known simply as “AIGA, the professional association for design.”

Who we are and what we do

A vision for AIGA

AIGA brings design to the world, and the world to designers. As the profession’s largest community, we advance design as a respected craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. From content that defines the global practice to events that connect and catalyze, we work to enhance the value and deepen the impact of design on business, society and our collective future.

The mission of AIGA

AIGA advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. As the largest community of design advocates, we bring together practitioners, enthusiasts and patrons to amplify the voice of design and create the vision for a collective future. We define global standards and ethical practices, guide design education, inspire designers and the public, enhance professional development, and make powerful tools and resources accessible to all.

Who are we?

AIGA is a global community of design advocates and practitioners.

What does AIGA do?

AIGA advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force by connecting practitioners, enthusiasts and patrons through regional, national and global events and by creating and curating content that:

  • advocates for a greater understanding of the value of designers and design in government, business, media and the public
  • enhances professional development
  • defines global standards and ethical practices
  • inspires designers and the public
  • establishes criteria for design education that meets the needs of the profession
  • makes powerful tools and resources available and accessible
  • celebrates and enhances the value of design
  • mobilizes a global design movement


They have a listing of Job Opportunities you can search in an state.

You can become a member and become as involved as you would like to be.

Check out their inspiration page too!


I listen to Debbie Millman’s podcasts (called Design Matters and can be found here) and she is a major part of AIGA. I recommend you check her out too. She has an amazing podcast that features a variety of designers/artists and just amazing people….maybe I’ll do a post about that soon!

Anyway, it’s always good to find organizations to be a part of to further your creativeness/ career/ and other goings on.

So go get inspired people!


Opportunity with Keep Fort Worth Funky

They are some cool cats you should follow them!
Calling visual artists! The Prairie Fest Arts team is looking for live pieces to be made at the Festival and we want you to be part of it!!!Do you dabble in metal? Like to make things from nature? Had an idea for a massive project? This is the time!!! We are giving you an opportunity to take your art to the next level and a platform for thousands of people to see it and potentially buy it!!!We are forming an art team and we want passionate, creative, and positive participants! Not volunteers, PARTICIPANTS! You must be 100% committed to this. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s make history folks!

Contact James Zametz at



Aaron Meeks – BFA Exhibition Opening Monday (11/10)





Photographer & Artist Aaron Meeks is a senior BFA Major at Tarleton State University, based out of Mineral Wells, TX. His photographic work explores the hidden beauty of local areas that become hidden once the sun sets; Challenging the boundary between the familiar and the mysterious.  With a background in commercial wedding photography, Aaron stepped out of his realm of familiarity, and went back to his roots of nature and his camera. “I hope that these images will cause people to question the reality of true beauty in these places; stimulating the desire to go out and discover more hidden beauty around them.”