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Rejuvenating Landscapes with Aaron Meeks


Aaron Meeks put on a great presentation to kick of the BFA candidate brown bags!

Aaron’s focus is on rejuvenating the landscape with night photography. He is bringing to light the landscapes that we see everyday and may just be passing by. The five pieces he presented in his show were from Santo, Morgan Mill, Glen Rose, Milsap, and Granbury. ¬†Aaron described his experience of photographing these abandoned places at night as calming. He wanted to bring his experience of surrounded by darkness to the viewer and that is his reasoning of photographing in panoramic. Aaron uses external lights such as flash and flash lights to bring focus to parts of the landscapes that he photographs.

Aaron’s work is very interesting and inspires the viewer to keep an open eye to their surroundings and the possibility to view it in a different way. In my opinion that is what a photographer should do and Aaron has done it very well!

When asked for advice for his fellow students he stated that you should not over think your work and that you should get excited about your work. If you do something that you are excited about it will be easier to talk about.

That is some valuable advice.

Congratulations Aaron, you did a great job presenting and your work is very interesting.