Thoughts on Registration

Check out this amazing artist, CJ Hendry. She recently did a Tedx talk (warning:some curse words are used) about plans and how they do not always work out…..this one hit home for me (see below) and I hope she gives you a little inspiration during this time of class registration…..and the turn of the middle of the semester!

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(photos from cj_hendry Instagram, all photos are CJ Hendry’s)


How many of you out there are planners? Come on even a little plan? I too can be considered to be such a person, the one that plans and has an image in my head and my plan is to be that image……well sometimes things turn, plans change.

Nine years ago I had a plan to get a degree in Criminal Justice and become a Juvenile Probation Officer. Yep, my 18 year old self with this huge plan to understand teens and the criminal justice system and become that person that would always have the right answer. Well, I stuck with it. I graduated three and a half years later with my brand new degree in hand and about 9 months later I finally got my dream job! That’s right I got my shiny new badge and all the education to represent the person with the right answers for these teens whom needed the guidance (me thinking I was that guidance). Well, I absolutely loved what I was doing. Every day being a different one; administering drug tests, curfew checks, counseling, visiting with teens and their parents, detainment, court hearings….etc. Well, one day I woke up and thought…, graphic design…? That’s a thing? You can do that as a job? I enjoyed drawing as a kid and always appreciated the design of beautiful logos and did some on the side for friends. I found myself at a point in my criminal justice career, four whole years in to it….plus the year of internship, oh, and the three and a half years of pursing the degree, I decided it was time for me to go. Yes, insanity I had this career ahead of me, but it was time for a new plan. (Thank goodness I have a supportive husband and family).

So, I sit before you behind this keyboard in the middle of another plan! This time last year (my first semester back in school) I had an image in my head of becoming this web designer working from my home office, or in some awesome office with big windows and jolly people solving design problems. Well, I don’t know about you guys but for me when the time comes around for registering for classes I get this crazy feeling that each decision I make, at that moment, is very crucial. “I need to get the right classes. I need to build my LACKING portfolio. What needs to be in this portfolio everyone keeps talking about? I need to build my skill levels in ALL these programs. I need do great work. I need to get out there. I need to find my voice. What am I doing?  I will be graduating soon! Am I doing the right thing? Is this going along with my plan?” Honestly, I cannot give an answer to these statements or questions with confidence. All I know is that today, in the now I am learning. I am much further than I was a year ago and I hope that this time next year the voice is clearer to me.

So, plan aside and just be.

I hope you guys have a good week of registration and can calm your fears (surely I’m not the only one) with this awesome Tedx Talk, and just let yourself know that you can just be.

Oh, and if you need just one more bit of uplifting lectures check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk (author of Eat Pray Love)


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