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NYC Trip deadline October 20th – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay? 

Contact Chris Ireland, he will accept checks, cash, and we could work out credit as well.  Deadline is now Oct. 20th, which is a Monday.

Is the deposit refundable?

Depends….we are using the deposit to purchase airline tickets, so it is ultimately up to the airline.  From my experience you can get some money back if it is in advance, but they will charge a fee.

When is the remaining amount due?  

January 1st.  Which will be the cost of the hotel.  Should be around 600 total  for 4 nights (March 11-15th).

What will we be doing there?  

We be planning visits with a few design companies and art centers.  I would like to hit up a couple museums such as MOMA, New Museum of Contemporary Art, SOHO Digital.   Otherwise you will have free time to do any other tourist activities you like, such as the World Trade Center tower, Statue of Liberty, Broadway, etc.

Where are we staying?

We are looking at budget accommodations in Manhattan with high Tripadvisor ratings.  Like The Edison Hotel

Does it matter if I am student, or if I bring another guest?

No, this is not a class, so anyone is welcome.  Including graduates and guests.