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Night Photography Resources


The Blood Moon isn’t the only reason to head out late to grab some shots! The night sky is an amazing subject to capture. I dabbled in it a bit this summer and look forward to developing my skills. Here are a few people/ sites I have checked out………

Exposure Guide

This has a few good quick tips to get you started

Jeff Sullivan

This fellow offers workshops and has some AMAZING shots. Check out his Flickr page for some inspiration.

Gabriel Biderman

This fellow has a great book, Night Photography Snap Shots to Great Shots. He not only discusses snagging shots of the sky but also discusses equipment and night city shots. Check out his book and also you can join his Flickr Group.

Ben Canales

Last, and definitely NOT least. This fellow is really inspiring! He has some great tutorials online. Google his name to get more info but I have attached his site as a good starting point. His images are absolutely amazing, I think that is due to his connection and appreciation to each scene he takes in.

Don’t let this all be intimidating, your confidence will grow once you get a few things figured out. Plus there is something to say about standing in the darkness and looking up to the night sky. So get your buns (and your camera) out and discover another subject to capture!