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A Few Tutorials

Tutorials are essential for those of us that like to look into something a little bit deeper. Here are a couple of interesting links/tutorials to hopefully get you creative mind working!

Adobe Creative Cloud has updated a few of their programs!

(Illustration is that of Adobe Illustrator)

(Illustration is that of Adobe Illustrator)

The first is in Adobe Illustrator and their Touch Type tool. This gives the user the ability to edit a single element within text! Check it out here.

Also, there is a blog specific for Adobe Illustrator.


Adobe PhotoshopCC

Adobe PhotoshopCC

The next tutorial is in Adobe Photoshop. Here is a quick run through about their 3D printing options……so nifty!

Here is a little bit more detailed tutorial on working with and creating 3D objects in Photoshop.

And here is Adobe Photoshop blog to get up to date info and goings on.


Skillshare Logo

Skillshare Logo


The last tutorial I want to show is not Adobe but from Skillshare. Typically you have to pay to get access to their classes but they had a free one up that may be beneficial to the students that are in Ireland’s class that is doing the collaboration with the English class. The class is called Read, Think, Design: Create Stunning Book Covers with Peter Mendelsund. This fellow gives tips on breaking down a story and creating an illustration for that story. You have to create a log in but it is worth it! Be sure to have a look around, there are other free tutorials on Skillshare.


Well, hopefully one of these links tickles your fancy. Keep creating, the semester is not over yet!


Exhibition Opp- Calling for Grad and Undergrad Students


2015 Rising Eyes of Texas Exhibition: March 14 – April 4, 2015. 

$500 First Place Cash Award, $300 Second Place, $200 Third Place.

Prize Juror: Shea Little, Executive Director of Big Medium and Co-Founder of the East Austin Studio Tour

Entry Deadline: Monday, December 15, 2014

1) Fill out the Entry Form Linked Below


2) Email your images to

(You may also include a short artist statement about the work in the body of the email.)

3) Pay the Entry Fee via Paypal ($15.00 per entry unless you do three and its $10.00 per entry)

(You may also pay by credit card over the phone 361.729.5519 M-F 10 am – 4 pm; or mail a check to RCA, 902 Navigation Circle, Rockport, TX, 78382. Payment must be received by entry deadline to qualify.)

Here is the full prospectus (complete info and disclaimer)

Check out their past winners

Enter here athe Rock Portar Center’s website.




Photography Contest

35th Annual College & High School Photography Contest

sponsored by NIKON

Ok you photographers, get your cameras out and get to shooting. This is one really cool photo contest put on by Photographer’s Forum and Nikon. They are accepting from college and high school students (two separate contests) and the subject is open….AND there are some nifty prizes! I know that someone from TSU can get in on this action, we have some great photographers!

sponsored by NIKON

  • Winners will be inducted into Nikon’s Emerging Photographers Hall of Fame
  • All Winners, Honorable Mentions and Finalists published in the book
    Best of College & High School Photography 2015

[ Click Here to Enter Your Images ]

FINAL Entry Deadline:
November 18, 2014
($5.95 per photo)

FIRST PLACE :: COLLEGE :: $2,000 cash grant
PLUS Nikon D7100 camera with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens

FIRST PLACE :: HIGH SCHOOL :: $2,000 cash grant
PLUS Nikon D7100 camera with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens

SECOND PLACE :: COLLEGE :: $1,000 cash grant
SECOND PLACE :: HIGH SCHOOL :: $1,000 cash grant

THIRD PLACE :: COLLEGE :: $500 cash grant
THIRD PLACE :: HIGH SCHOOL :: $500 cash grant

5 FOURTH PLACE AWARDS :: COLLEGE :: Five $100 grants
5 FOURTH PLACE AWARDS :: HIGH SCHOOL :: Five $100 grants

All Honorable Mentions will be listed in the May 2015 issue of Photographer’s Forum magazine and will receive a certificate of outstanding merit.

The top 16 winning photos will be published in the May 2015 issue of Photographer’s Forum and entered into Nikon’s Emerging Photographers Hall of Fame. All contest finalists, top 8% of all entries, will be published in the hardcover book Best of College & High School Photography 2015.

  • Final entry fee is $5.95 per photo entered.
    (all entries must be uploaded or postmarked on or before November 18, 2014)
  • Rights remain with photographer.
  • Subject matter is open.



Did You Miss The Last TAS Meeting?


Well you are in luck that we have a good secretary that takes GREAT notes!

  • ​Modern til’ Midnight
  • Tarleton Art Society Youtube channel
  • Grassbur
    • Looking into getting everyone in TAS together for a picture to try to get into the yearbook!
  • Tarleton Gamers Club
    • There is a Gamers club, First meeting on October 22nd at Noon in room 162
      • There will be Pizza
      • Objective is to make a game a year
      • Anyone can join
  • Brown Bag
    • There will be a Brown Bag on Thursday, the 23rd at Noon
    • Please attend!
  • Reynaldo’s
    • Reynaldo’s Mexican Restuarant is looking for someone to paint a mural that is Mexico related
    • TAS is looking into painting the mural
    • If you are interested please contact the President, Sarah about wanting to help paint the mural, at
  • T-Shirt Designs
    • No designs have been entered for the TAS shirts
    • If you have a design please bring to the next TAS meeting!
  • Legend’s of Sleepy Hallow
    • Theater department’s putting on a play, Legend’s of Sleepy Hallow
    • This Saturday, Oct 18th
    • 10am and 2pm!
    • Please attend!
  • Halloween Dance
    • ​There is a Halloween Dance that is put up from the Anime Club
    • It is on Halloween the 31st
    • In the Student Center, Ballrooms
    • 8pm-11pm

And that is why TAS thanks you Angelica!


Exhibition Opportunity

Before I tell you about this interesting exhibition opportunity I want to tell you where I found it. Well look up to the right hand corner of this page…yeah up there it says LINKS. Yep, Ireland has put together an awesome list of all sorts of info. So, instead of browsing Facebook, when you have a free minute, check out that links section….may prove to be a bit more productive :).

BB Logo BB

(Black Box Gallery logo)

Now to this exhibition opp. This one is from the Black Box Gallery located in Portland, Oregon. According to their information page they host a juried photography exhibition on different photographic themes each month! So, if you are not interested in this month’s theme (Poetiecs of Light) then keep checking back.

What I find most interesting about this is that it does cost $35 but Five pieces can be submitted. Other opportunities I have seen only include three pieces for the same price. Also, they do all the printing. If you submit you can also have an option of selling. The gallery takes 50% but it may be worth it.

Here are the details according to Black Box Gallery:


Poetics of Light

Theme: Light

This juried group photography show at Black Box Gallery will focus on the quality and drama of light in photography. Light is the foundation of great photography and photographers need to know the importance of seeing and controlling the luminosity of light in pictures. Exposure, direction, highlight, shadow and contrast all play a major roll in creating striking and magical pictures.

Juror: Tricia Hoffman

Tricia Hoffman is the Executive Director of Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon. Tricia earned her MFA in Photography from the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School and a BS in Psychology from Baldwin Wallace University. Tricia has worked in non-profit management for the past 10 years, most recently at Blue Sky Gallery and Photolucida. Previously, she was the Development Director at Mid-America Arts Alliance and Curatorial Assistant at ExhibitsUSA.

Deadline: November 5

Exhibition Dates: December 1-20, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday December 5, 5-8:00 pm

Each exhibition will have 24 photographs included by the juror for exhibiton at the gallery.

An additional 30 photographs will be selected for exhibition in our on-line gallery annex.

All 54 photographs from the show will be included in a catalog available for purchase on Blurb Books.

Rules/Guidelines: Black Box provides free printing, matting and framing for all of our exhibitions. The photographers who are selected into the exhibition by the juror will provide a high resolution Tiff or JPEG file for our gallery to print.

We have 18” x 24” black frames. Our white mats are pre cut for 12” x 18”, 12” x 12” and 12” x 16” prints (we also have a few other odd sized matts). We print on an Epson Stylus Pro archival ink jet printer, on Epson Premium Luster Photo paper, in a color-calibrated environment. This is a very accurate custom print, just like a custom lab would print, we have over 20 years of custom printing experience.

All exhibition prints will be kept in a flat file after the show for future sale and promotion for the photographer. This will allow the gallery to further promote our photographers and exhibitions to collectors, curators, critics and to the general public. Black Box will shread all gallery prints after 5 years of exhibition in the flat files.

File agreement for accepted photographers: Black Box will only print one exhibition print. If there is a sale inquiry, the photographer will be notified before a sale is confirmed, edition information will be discussed with photographer, the photographer will be sent a authentication document to be signed and go with the print to the collector. No sale or printing of file will happen without prior consent and agreement of photographer. All rights remain to the file and print with the photographer, to be used only with their prior consent. Exhibition print will not be sold, but used in our flatfile at Black Box Gallery only to promote the photographers work.

Black Box Gallery takes a 50% commission on all sales, 50% goes to the photographer. If artist prefers the print does not have to be for sale. Print will be for exhibition and promotion only.

Notification: All photographers will be notified 7-12 days after the deadline about juror selections.

Entry Fee: $35 per entry (an entry includes up to 5 photos). Use Pay Pal or send check to:

If sending a check: please indicate sending a check in the email submission.

Black Box Gallery, 811 East Burnside St. # 212, Portland Oregon 97214.

How to apply: Send in the entry fee and then send an email to:

Title the email: Poetics of Light

In the body of the email please include the following info:

Your Name
Exhibition Name
Titles of Included Photos with corresponding file name
Attach up to 5 photos, as instructed below

File Set Up: Jpeg files, 1024 pixels on the longest side at 72 DPI, 3MB or less each (saved).

Name Files: firstname_lastname1.jpg, firstname_lastname2.jpg, firstname_lastname3.jpg, etc…

Eligibility: The exhibition is open to all photographers world wide, both amateur and professional.

Copyright: All rights to the photographs remain with the photographer.


Thoughts on Registration

Check out this amazing artist, CJ Hendry. She recently did a Tedx talk (warning:some curse words are used) about plans and how they do not always work out…..this one hit home for me (see below) and I hope she gives you a little inspiration during this time of class registration…..and the turn of the middle of the semester!

cj_hendry copy


(photos from cj_hendry Instagram, all photos are CJ Hendry’s)


How many of you out there are planners? Come on even a little plan? I too can be considered to be such a person, the one that plans and has an image in my head and my plan is to be that image……well sometimes things turn, plans change.

Nine years ago I had a plan to get a degree in Criminal Justice and become a Juvenile Probation Officer. Yep, my 18 year old self with this huge plan to understand teens and the criminal justice system and become that person that would always have the right answer. Well, I stuck with it. I graduated three and a half years later with my brand new degree in hand and about 9 months later I finally got my dream job! That’s right I got my shiny new badge and all the education to represent the person with the right answers for these teens whom needed the guidance (me thinking I was that guidance). Well, I absolutely loved what I was doing. Every day being a different one; administering drug tests, curfew checks, counseling, visiting with teens and their parents, detainment, court hearings….etc. Well, one day I woke up and thought…, graphic design…? That’s a thing? You can do that as a job? I enjoyed drawing as a kid and always appreciated the design of beautiful logos and did some on the side for friends. I found myself at a point in my criminal justice career, four whole years in to it….plus the year of internship, oh, and the three and a half years of pursing the degree, I decided it was time for me to go. Yes, insanity I had this career ahead of me, but it was time for a new plan. (Thank goodness I have a supportive husband and family).

So, I sit before you behind this keyboard in the middle of another plan! This time last year (my first semester back in school) I had an image in my head of becoming this web designer working from my home office, or in some awesome office with big windows and jolly people solving design problems. Well, I don’t know about you guys but for me when the time comes around for registering for classes I get this crazy feeling that each decision I make, at that moment, is very crucial. “I need to get the right classes. I need to build my LACKING portfolio. What needs to be in this portfolio everyone keeps talking about? I need to build my skill levels in ALL these programs. I need do great work. I need to get out there. I need to find my voice. What am I doing?  I will be graduating soon! Am I doing the right thing? Is this going along with my plan?” Honestly, I cannot give an answer to these statements or questions with confidence. All I know is that today, in the now I am learning. I am much further than I was a year ago and I hope that this time next year the voice is clearer to me.

So, plan aside and just be.

I hope you guys have a good week of registration and can calm your fears (surely I’m not the only one) with this awesome Tedx Talk, and just let yourself know that you can just be.

Oh, and if you need just one more bit of uplifting lectures check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk (author of Eat Pray Love)


Art Society Field trip – Modern Till Midnight: 80’s edition


The Tarleton Art Society will be going to the Modern at Midnight dance party this Saturday, the 25th.  Contact your TAS President Sarah Castillo for info, or ask Prof. Ireland or Prof. Harding.  All are welcome to attend, as this is probably your best option by far for this Saturday night. Below is the press release from the Modern….

What is it?
The event will take you back to the buzz of New York in the ’80s during the Modern’s extended, late-night hours. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the Modern’s new exhibition, Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s, join in with unique gallery activities and tours, and dine on exceptional cuisine from Café Modern.

The Grand Lobby will be transformed into the ’80s dance party scene with prizes for the BEST 1980s COSTUME!

$15 advanced purchase
$20 at the door
FREE for Modern Members & 1 guest

Tickets will be sold at the door. Advance tickets will be are available online at, by calling 817.738.9215, or by visiting the Modern’s admission desk.

Live Music
Don’t miss an eclectic array of live music on the lawn featuring works from well-known local bands collaborating with each other to perform their take on 80s hits.

This year’s unprecedented 80s Edition of Modern ’til Midnight will feature original 80s music collaborations from members of your favorite local bands, including Telegraph Canyon, Black Tie Dynasty, White Denim, The Burning Hotels, Pinkish Black, The Quaker City Night Hawks, Son of Stan, Calhoun, Cleanup, zhOra, Bummer Vacation, Ronnie Heart and more!

Music from the 80’s featuring: Prince, Billy Idol, New Order, Paul Simon, Pet Shop Boys, Flock of Seagulls, R.E.M., The Clash, Madonna.Music from the 80’s featuring: Prince, Billy Idol, New Order, Paul Simon, Pet Shop Boys, Flock of Seagulls, R.E.M., The Clash, Madonna

In the Gallery…
The special exhibition Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s will be on view, along with selected works from the Modern’s permanent collection. Throughout the evening, there will be special activities in the galleries, including spotlight tours, and art explorations. Modern ’til Midnight admission includes access to the galleries.

Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s
Vibrant, vital, and discordant, the New York art scene of the 1980s gave rise to some of the contemporary art world’s most recognizable features. Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s presents works to capture the mood, energy, and critical themes that distinguished the art of the time in one of the world’s greatest urban centers. Even now, a quarter-century later, New York art in the 1980s still holds an aura of controversy and glamour. Iconic works by the decade’s most critically acclaimed artists will be presented, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente, Eric Fischl, Keith Haring, Nan Goldin, Jenny Holzer, Jeff Koons, Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Julian Schnabel, Cindy Sherman, Donald Sultan, and Andy Warhol.