Brown Bag–Adam Neese



Map of Memories-Adam Neese

If you missed the brown bag this week you missed a good one. This week the photographer Adam Neese, who’s work is in half of the gallery, gave a talk. He discussed his current exhibit “A Known World” and presented his plan for his next project. “A Known World” may seem like a collection of Texas scenery but when discussed a bit closer the photos hold much more than that. Neese has gone back to the surroundings in which he grew up and photographed areas he and his childhood friends battled with foam swords and explored new worlds. Along with the scenes photographed, he references stories he and his friends created. He actually gathered the stories they made in their younger years and paired them with the photos. Neese’s focus is not just the ‘pretty picture’ but the story that ‘pretty picture’ holds. With this series he has focused on the “personal mythology in the landscape.” Neese has also created detailed maps to correspond with the areas, and you can view the photos and then find their location on the map. These surroundings are constantly changing and he plans to continue photographing this area. He also has a plan to visit and photograph the locations of the first survey markers created in the United States. To find out more about Adam Neese, visit his website.

I found this exhibit/talk to be quite amazing. I feel like I can really relate to his focus. This has really brought to mind the places my younger brother and I would build forts in one of the small country towns that we lived in. We were always scoping out the best places in relation to our house or to other forts that we created. I feel like Neese has come up with an excellent way to relate to others with his childhood life. I do not feel he is just another Texas Landscape Photographer, his camera is set on something much deeper. The physical locations may be of Texas but the photographs and the stories have the ability to take the viewer to a different place. Whether that be a personal memory or a completely new fantasy. Adam Neese has hit the nail on the head with his work and I am excited to see what else he has to offer.

Don’t miss the next brown bag, it may just be the inspiration you need! The next one is Tuesday September 23.


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