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The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent

As an artist (or an individual finding their place as an artist) it is helpful to hear about other artists’ journeys. I myself have a creepish need to read about other artists. This may be because I am looking for a piece of me in their story that will then allow me to believe that I am on the right track. So one of the places I get my artist inspiration fix is The Great Discontent. The website was created by a couple based in New York. They interview different artists around the US (and some outside). They are not specific on the type of artist really just someone that is inspirational and doing some great things to contribute to the art world today. They recently printed their first magazine which includes some extra interview questions from previous interviewed artists and some new ones. They also have some other cool things for sale here.

Something that I really enjoy about their interviews is that it seems as if they are just sitting down with a friend and seeing how they are doing. This is a great skill to have! They are able to capture the reader’s interest. One of the most interesting details about The Great Discontent is how they received their name… by thriving in the thought of not ever being content (some paraphrasing there, but a great concept). The last thing that really captures me personally is their risk taking abilities. They recently quit their jobs to pursue this project full time which is very respectable. I also believe that each interview must involve some sort of risk….catching the right artist, making the best connection and then producing a great read for their audience…..Let’s just say I like risky business and absolutely enjoy seeing others succeed in their risks.

A few of my favorite interviews include:

Sara Blake

Merlin Mann

Elle Luna

Helena Price

Debbie Millman

Paul Octavious

That is just a few….check them out and find some of your favorites!!!!!!