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Now showing at the Fort Worth Modern “Urban Theater: Contemporary Art in New York in the 1980’s”


Keith Haring

Keith Haring

URBAN THEATER: NEW YORK ART IN THE 1980s is on display at the Fort Worth Modern from Sep 21, 2014 – Jan 04, 2015.  It is recommended all art and digital media majors see this show, as it represents one of the most fruitful eras and locales of contemporary art.  I say that because many of the artists in this show were my primary imprint as to what was contemporary art while growing up in the 80’s and 90’s.  Keith Haring supplied the cover art of the first christmas album owned by my mother that had a Run-DMC track on it.  Laurie Anderson was on MTV.  I wrote a paper about Robert Maplethorpe and censorship in the arts in high school. In college I was into Cindy Sherman, Jenny Holzer, and Allan McCollum.

Chief Curator Michael Auping says, “I’ve experienced over four decades in the art world, and the ’80s in New York was the wildest. Of course, what happened in the ’80s happened everywhere—Cologne/Düsseldorf, London, Paris, LA—but I think most people who were around thought New York was the loudest and the most intense. There were so many strong, competing agendas: the Pictures Generation and appropriation, the “Bad Boys” of expressionist painting, graffiti, a new generation of feminists. And, of course, there was a very robust art market fueling the galleries. If you wonder why the art world is like it is today, refer to the ’80s. That’s where it began.”

Check out the show and check out the free Tuesday lecture series this semester.  Allan Mccollum is this Tuesday 9/29 at 7pm.  (Chris Ireland)

Study Abroad Fair this Thursday

The art/digital media program have always supported Study Abroad opportunities as a valuable part of the higher education experience.  Come find out about the programs for the 2014/15 calender year at the Study Abroad Fair, sponsored by Tarleton International Programs, this Thursday (the 25th) from 11 am to 2pm at the Student Center ballrooms.  Meet with Study Abroad program directors from all TSU departments, meet students who have participated in past programs, and get information from financial aid representatives.

Come take a look at the photographs taken by students during the Study Abroad 2013-2014 session at the Photography Expo, including those taken on the Photography in South Africa trip.

We have a new art/digital media study abroad program for next summer….professor Knut Hybinette is taking an art appreciation class to South Korea. Stop by fair for more info.


Visiting Artist Lecture: Diane Durant: Tuesday, September 23rd, at noon

The Department of Fine Arts is pleased to announce the second visiting artist lecture of the 2014 semester.  Photographer and writer Diane Durant  will be presenting her work on  Tuesday, September 23rd at noon in FA room 103 (workshop theater).  Diane’s work is featured in the current gallery exhibit From the Faraway Nearby.  Much of her work in the exhibition was based on her doctoral research of the American road story and her own 18-day trip around the country-from Cool, Texas to Cool, California to Cool, Iowa and back to Texas.

Diane Durant is a writer and photographer from Weatherford, Texas. She is a member of the Ghost Town Arts Collective, The Junior Ward, and current president of 500X Gallery. Diane is a Senior Lecturer in Photography at the University of Texas at Dallas where she also earned her Ph.D. in Humanities – Aesthetic Studies. She is a former editor of The Grass BurrThe RopeSojourn, and Reunion: The Dallas Review. 

More about her work can be seen here:



Brown Bag–Adam Neese



Map of Memories-Adam Neese

If you missed the brown bag this week you missed a good one. This week the photographer Adam Neese, who’s work is in half of the gallery, gave a talk. He discussed his current exhibit “A Known World” and presented his plan for his next project. “A Known World” may seem like a collection of Texas scenery but when discussed a bit closer the photos hold much more than that. Neese has gone back to the surroundings in which he grew up and photographed areas he and his childhood friends battled with foam swords and explored new worlds. Along with the scenes photographed, he references stories he and his friends created. He actually gathered the stories they made in their younger years and paired them with the photos. Neese’s focus is not just the ‘pretty picture’ but the story that ‘pretty picture’ holds. With this series he has focused on the “personal mythology in the landscape.” Neese has also created detailed maps to correspond with the areas, and you can view the photos and then find their location on the map. These surroundings are constantly changing and he plans to continue photographing this area. He also has a plan to visit and photograph the locations of the first survey markers created in the United States. To find out more about Adam Neese, visit his website.

I found this exhibit/talk to be quite amazing. I feel like I can really relate to his focus. This has really brought to mind the places my younger brother and I would build forts in one of the small country towns that we lived in. We were always scoping out the best places in relation to our house or to other forts that we created. I feel like Neese has come up with an excellent way to relate to others with his childhood life. I do not feel he is just another Texas Landscape Photographer, his camera is set on something much deeper. The physical locations may be of Texas but the photographs and the stories have the ability to take the viewer to a different place. Whether that be a personal memory or a completely new fantasy. Adam Neese has hit the nail on the head with his work and I am excited to see what else he has to offer.

Don’t miss the next brown bag, it may just be the inspiration you need! The next one is Tuesday September 23.


Who is this Blu Dornan?

Blu Dornan Artblu3Blu Dornan


Blu is a fellow student and is featured in an exhibition in Stephenville this month. The reception is this coming Monday September 22 from 5-7 hosted by the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Center (check out their upcoming events). The exhibit is located at the Clark Field Municipal Airport here in Stephenville at 1050 Airport Road. Be sure and check out the write up with Blu in the Empire Tribune.

I plan on making the reception and doing an interview with Blu. So, come support your fellow student….who knows an opportunity may pop up for you too!


Exhibition Opportunity

Artist call for entries Ode to Tinseltown


Creating art isn’t always done by conventional means nor with conventional materials. The challenge becomes strategizing and synthesizing the disorder that is unavoidable when combining varying mediums. In this call for entries we want to see your mixed media artworks.

Calls are open to all local, domestic, national and international professional and amateur artists. All art mediums will be considered in this call for submissions, from photography, wall sculpture, fabric, mixed media, all paintings and drawings including, oil, acrylic, pastels, ink, graphite, etc. Sizes up to 12 feet are acceptable. Work must be able to be hung on a wall to be considered for the live exhibition. Freestanding 3D artworks will be displayed online only.

We are now accepting video and poetry entries for online shows. Accepted entries for this online exhibition will be judged again in the coming months for a collective live exhibition at our Los Angeles gallery. The artists will be asked if they wish to submit their artwork for the collective exhibition, which is not a requirement to being a part of the online exhibition.


Cost: $35 for 3 entries, $5 for additional entries. All submissions must represent the actual artwork as closely as possible. If your work is misrepresented in any way– meaning the picture diverges greatly from what the work actually looks like in color, shape, or dimensions etc., we reserve the right to refuse to hang the artwork if it should be chosen for a live show.

Here are some past show submissions if you are interested in this show.

Linus Galleries is located in Los Angeles. This seems that it would be a fun an interesting show. They have other shows coming up too! Check them out! Get your work out there.


Visiting Artist lecture – Adam Neese, Thursday September 18

The Department of Fine Arts is pleased to announce the first visiting artist lecture of the 2014 semester.  Photographer and artist Adam Neese will be presenting his work on  Thursday, September 18th at noon in FA room 103 (workshop theater).  Adam’s work is featured in the current gallery exhibit From the Faraway Nearby.

Adam Neese was raised in Grapevine, TX, halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth. His photographic works explore the relationship between memory and image; challenging the assumed notion of photograph as a factual document. Adam’s work has been exhibited throughout the US and abroad, including at The Rourke Art Museum (MN,) Louisiana Tech University, and De Fotohal (Amsterdam.) Adam holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Master of Fine Arts from The University of North Texas where he currently teaches photography.

More about his work can be seen here:

Christian and Friends, Heritage Rd.

Christian and Friends, Heritage Rd.