HOMECOMING! Committee presents Tuesday Evening lecture at the Modern-3.4.14


HOMECOMING! Committee is a collaborative project that is most recently known for the project The Eagle has Landed now happening in Ft.Worth. HOMECOMING! Committee includes: Christopher Bond, Bradly Brown, Ryan Goolsby, Courtney Hamilton, Shelby Meier, Devon Nowlin, Kris Pierce, Gregory Ruppe, Alden Williams, Briana Williams, and Tiffany Wolf. Timothy Harding, a Tarleton instructor of art, is also a member. HOMECOMING! Committee will be presenting ”In Brief” for the Tuesday Evenings at the Modern lecture 7:00 March 4th.

hardingeagle has landed

The Eagle has Landed article in D Magazine

Homecoming! Committee’s Post Communiqué at the Dallas Museum of Art article

TAS is taking a van to the Modern for this lecture. We will meet at 3:30 in the art room 160. I’m excited to have the opportunity to experience a presentation from this group of artists. Collaboration is an interesting concept, also I checked out some videos and that just added to my interest. The more I research HOMECOMING! Committee the more mysterious they become.

Check out the links provided and join us Tuesday the 4th.

Hands on Art Body

Post Communiqué 2013

The Eagle has Landed

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