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HOMECOMING! Committee presents Tuesday Evening lecture at the Modern-3.4.14


HOMECOMING! Committee is a collaborative project that is most recently known for the project The Eagle has Landed now happening in Ft.Worth. HOMECOMING! Committee includes: Christopher Bond, Bradly Brown, Ryan Goolsby, Courtney Hamilton, Shelby Meier, Devon Nowlin, Kris Pierce, Gregory Ruppe, Alden Williams, Briana Williams, and Tiffany Wolf. Timothy Harding, a Tarleton instructor of art, is also a member. HOMECOMING! Committee will be presenting ”In Brief” for the Tuesday Evenings at the Modern lecture 7:00 March 4th.

hardingeagle has landed

The Eagle has Landed article in D Magazine

Homecoming! Committee’s Post Communiqué at the Dallas Museum of Art article

TAS is taking a van to the Modern for this lecture. We will meet at 3:30 in the art room 160. I’m excited to have the opportunity to experience a presentation from this group of artists. Collaboration is an interesting concept, also I checked out some videos and that just added to my interest. The more I research HOMECOMING! Committee the more mysterious they become.

Check out the links provided and join us Tuesday the 4th.

Hands on Art Body

Post Communiqué 2013

The Eagle has Landed

Global Game Jam submission – NADIA

On January 24-26 Tarleton hosted the Global Game Jam. The Global Game Jam is a challenge to design, develop create, test and make a new game in the time span of 48 hours. There were 480+ locations in 70+ countries involved with the Game Jam this year. The theme of “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” was announced on Friday.  A weekend of collaborating and creating within a team was to follow.  Senior Art/Digital Media major Christina Pritchett was part of a team that developed a game, or a visual novel, titled Nadia. Other team members included: James Valentine – writing, group leader/ coordinator, Eric Manning – Music, and Jonathan Petz – Programming.

These students utilized many different skills to make the visual novel happen. The group started with a conversation about the theme. Playing with ideas, such as different point of view; in Pac Man what if you were the ghost, in Pong what if you were the ball. Ideas were pulled from other classes and past experience. The question “How do we interact with each other?” played a large role in the development of the game.  The team worked together to write the script and develop the characters. Collaborating during the design process was the key to this teams success.  Nadia was the only game submitted from Tarleton. Nadia is a psychological thriller, which allows you to make choices for the characters to produce different outcomes.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 5.48.22 PM

Christina told me that this was an awesome experience.  “Game Jam was great for networking, learning new processes, trying on different roles in development and testing the teams skills. I would absolutely do this again.”

You can check out the Global Game Jam website:

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 5.53.18 PM


link to Nadia

FAC Gallery: Isaac Powell

Isaac powell

The Department of Fine Arts at Tarleton State University will present an exhibition of paintings by Isaac Powell.  The exhibition will be on view weekdays in the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Gallery, February 13 to March 17th 2014. 

The exhibition will feature a variety of works from Isaac’s career, which investigate the structure of the picture plane, while deconstructing common painting subjects such as plants and flowers.  The use of organic imagery is often a metaphor in Isaac’s work for fears associated with his experience after being born devoid of a hand.  “In the paintings”, Isaac states, “I transform personal descriptions of hands and prosthetics into my own visual vocabulary that includes an assortment of botanical representations in various states of definition. Plants act as visual placeholders for hands, prosthetics, and my birth defect.” In 2005, Isaac received the VSA Grand Prize from the Smithsonian Institution, awarded to emerging artists who work with disabilities.

A native Texan, Isaac received A BFA and MA at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX.  He later received his MFA at Washington State University in 2007.   Isaac currently teaches painting at Eastern Kentucky University, and exhibits nationally.

Ask me about my weiner! TAS meeting 2.21 at noon #162

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.24.57 AM


Tarleton Art Society is having a hotdog cookout in room 162 of Fine Arts Bldg. on Thursday.

Texancon this weekend 2.14-16

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 9.14.11 AM

  • Speakers on going
  • panels on going
  • Cosplay Saturday and Sunday
  • Costume parade Saturday
  • Steve Jackson Games Game room
  • Computer and Console Game tournaments
  • Valentines day dance Friday night ($5.00 without conventi0n badge.)
  • Speed friends Friday night
  • Ice cream social Friday night ($2.00 without conventi0n badge.)
  • Rave Saturday night ($5.00 without conventi0n badge.)
  • Talent Show Saturday
  • Improv Contest
  • Art contest on site judging Saturday and Sunday
  • The comic zone on going
  • Artist ally on going
  • Dealer rooms
  • Displays of all sorts on going
  • Silent Auction For Wounded Warrior Project
  • Concerts

Admission info:


$40 Earlie Bird till Feb 13,2014

$55 after February 13,2014

Students 16 and over, Educators, and Military
(Students include all students currently enrolled in an academic institution)

$30 Earlie Bird till Feb, 14,2014

$45 after February 13, 2014


$ 10 (8-15) Earlie Bird till Feb, 13, 2014

$ 20 (8-15) after February 13, 2014

Single day:

 $20 Friday

$30 Saturday

$15 Sunday

Submission for Anthology due by 2.14.14


Internship for web content available – Hurry posting ends on 2.8.14

Student Intern in Web Services for College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Tarleton State University-Campus

Posted: Jan 29, 2014


Web Services

Work Authorization


Salary Level


Approximate Hours Per Week


Travel Percentage

No Travel


Student Intern for Web Content in Web Services

The student intern for web content will benefit from on-the-job training and mentoring along with participation in team projects and professional development. Working with the Web Services team, including the Web Content Specialist, the student intern will assist with content strategy and maintenance for assigned academic web sites, as well as monitor those web sites for compliance with federal, state, system, and university requirements and guidelines.

The student intern for web content for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences will preferably be working on a program/major in the agriculture field, however, this is not a requirement for the position.

This is a long-term paid internship with the duration being until you graduate. Potential for promotion to second and third level intern with pay raises.

•With the Web Content Specialist as a mentor and guide, assist academic colleges and departments with developing and implementing content strategy
•Monitor websites for adherence to local and state guidelines for web sites as well as Section 508 (web accessibility) requirements
•Working closely with academic colleges and departments, coordinate academic website content updates using the content management system
•Assist Web Content Specialist with coordinating digital signage content
•Other related duties as assigned

Tools Intern will learn and use:
•Cascade Server (content management system)
•Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver)
•Wufoo (building web forms)
•Google Analytics (web analytic software)
•Industry Weapon (digital signage CMS)

Skills Intern will gain and/or improve:
•How to work and communicate in an office environment
•Web content strategy, particularly in a higher education setting
•Writing and digital content development
•Effective content layout for web pages and digital signage
•HTML and CSS (latest standards), Javascript plug-ins and other web technologies
•Web accessibility standards and requirements
•Basic graphic design
•Website analytics and analysis
•Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•Collaboration and organizational skills

•Enrollment in full-time undergraduate program at Tarleton
•Preferred declared major in: Education (will be in charge of College of Education area websites)
•Strong computer skills / proficiency in general computer technology
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•A desire to learn web content strategy and basic web technologies and tools
•Ability to work 20 hours per week between the hours of 8-5 PM, Monday-Friday, three semesters a year (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Intern2Learn Qualifications:
-Learn and exhibit good organizational and time management skills
-Learn and Exhibit good telephone/office etiquette
-Exhibit good interpersonal and communication skills
-Learn and exhibit satisfactory customer service skills, both internal and external
-Observe the confidentiality of data
-Maintain a journal during work experience considering student learning outcomes
-Annually, post a reflection addressing the R.E.A.L. student learning outcomes on chalk and wire
-Annually, post a resume on chalk and wire

Contact Information


Tarleton State University-Campus


Mrs. Daphne Hunt

If you are interested you can apply for the job by going to

Posting ends on Friday 2.8.14.