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Rachofsky Warehouse Field Trip – Thursday Oct. 31st

The TAS is going on a field trip to the Rachosky Warehouse on Thursday.

14105 Inwood Road (between Alpha and Spring Valley)
Dallas, TX 75244

We need to be there by 10:30. Please allow for traffic and I hear there is construction on I-30. So plan ahead and be on time.



Here is a map I did from school.

direction from Tarleton

Tarleton Student Art Show details and submission form

The art department is now accepting submissions for the Student Art Show.

Please fill out the Student Art Show Form and have it submitted by Friday November 1st to Ms. Selig or Chris Ireland.

Actual work must be matted and turned in by Monday the 4th by 9:30 A.M.

Each student can submit up to four works. Any projects done in an art studio class can be submitted.

If you have any questions please talk to Ms. Selig or Chris Ireland.

Ofrendas Art Show 11.1 till 11.3


TAS Meeting 10.24 at 12:30

Tarleton Art Society meeting will be help Thursday at 12:30

in room 162. We will be discussing the student art show Ofrendas.


Erick R. Figueroa now showing work in the Fine Arts Gallery

Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Erick Figueroa creates visceral repetition with bulky rhythms, his work marries pattern like gestures with a systematic approach that reveals the banality of time itself.  He is an artist living in Texas where recently he received his Master’s of Fine Art’s degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.  He currently is an Adjunct Professor at both TCU and Brookhaven College teaching both Drawing and Painting. 




List of Works

– Walking into the Gallery, Left to Right

 1.     Erosion – oil

 2.     Black Forest Ham – oil

 3.     The Great Migration -oil

4.     A Horizontal Grip – oil

 5.     Kiki’s Locks – oil

 6.     Muddy Waters – oil and graphite on linen

 7.     Funnel Cake -36 rolls of Duct Tape

 8.     Tape Mound – 8 rolls of Duct Tape

 9.     Don’s Taylor – oil

Artist Statement:

The subtext in my work regards to ideas and questions about labor.  As an immigrant, I am interested in under-appreciated, invisible, and Sisyphean labor practices. In solidarity, my art practice works to symbolically mimic my mother’s labor practices and general historical family repetitious jobs as janitors, landscapers and fast food clerks.  Additionally, through the repetitive use of marks and gestures, I pull upon rich social histories and meanings and utilize these to create a personal mythology of material.

While balancing manual labor with systems, the work reflects the banality of time itself, allowing questions to surface, such as “What is truly worth doing?” and “What is value?”  The subjectivity of the answer is fascinating in a greater social context – only revealing an individual’s perception of life itself.




Mural painting opportunity with The Walls of Peace in Ft.Worth on October 19th ..

The Walls of Peace and Keep Ft. Worth Funky are involved with a community project to paint the Lowden St. Bridge Tunnel in Ft.Worth on Saturday, October the 19th . “The theme is Seasons. We have the four seasons, Fall Winter Spring and Summer with each Season we have one of the four elements… Fall/Earth, Winter/Air, Spring/Water, and Summer/Fire… we also have the theme Neighborhoods and Community.  This Bridge brings two neighborhoods together Ryan Place and South Hemphill Heights.”  Jo Dufo is coordinating volunteers and artists to come together for a beautiful day of community and fun!!! Contact Jo Dufo for volunteer info (817) 673-1492

Jo Dufo is an muralist who has worked all over the world bridging communities together with art. You can check out her work on the  Walls of Peace Facebook link below.

Jackie Roots Ethiopian Church in Ochoa Rios-  photo from The Walls of Peace facebook page

Jackie Roots Ethiopian Church in Ochoa Rios- photo from The Walls of Peace Facebook page













For events and more cool local projects “like” the Keep Ft.Worth Funky Facebook page:


Ofrendas-Tarleton student art exhibit November 1-3