Tarleton Contest: Grassburr Cover Design


The Grassburr is the college yearbook at Tarleton State University. The first published Grassburr was in 1916. The word Grassburr comes from what we know as “stickers.” Heritage Park was once filled with Grassburr’s at one point, which inspired the staff to name the school yearbook The Grassburr.

The Grassburr staff wants all Tarleton students to become more involved with the Grassburr. This year we are asking every student who has a major within the arts to come up with their own cover design for the 2013-2014 Grassburr.

You can take two routes:

1. The cover can be something derived from the “Grassburr’s” history. For example, The Grassburr Staff’s general idea is to come up with a drawing of Heritage Park with a field of Grassburr’s. This way, students have a better understanding of what the Grassburr truly is.

2. Be creative but stay traditional. The Grassburr likes to keep an open mind. Show your creativity by thinking outside of the box, but keep Tarleton’s traditions in mind.

– Use any type of art

** We will choose the font scheme, but it needs to say “Grassburr 2014” on the front cover.

Dimensions of Cover: 9.3125 X 12.25 inches

Contact Information:
Phone: 254-968-0504
Email: Grassburr@tarleton.edu

Claire Wilkison- Editor in Chief
Cell: 512-632-2998

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