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New Fall Class – Art 485 Game Art Seminar



For much information, talk to Professor Ireland.  There are no pre-reqs required.  The class will meet Tue/Thu 6:15-8:15pm in the computer lab.

Tarleton welcomes new Assistant Professor, Knut Hybinette

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This fall the Tarleton Art/Digital Media area will welcome it’s newest professor, Knut Hybinette.

Knut Hybinette is an artist in both fine and commercial art with professional experience in a variety of media including Game Design, Photography, and Animation/Motion Graphics experience.  Formerly chair of Game Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Mr. Hybinette taught game production, game level design, and 3D modeling.  He has also served as a consultant for various game studios for game research in indie, serious and triple A Games. He will be teaching a variety of existing courses in Tarleton, along with some new courses in the future.

Knut is currently exhibiting at Spaces Gallery in Cleveland, where he is featured in a game art exhibition with other big game artists and new media artists ( He is also in an international Game Art Show in France this Fall ( and in Greece where he is exhibiting at the Municipal Cultural Center…. (Ithaca Returned).