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Stephenville Chamber of Commerce Walking Tour Mobile App


Students from this fall’s ART481 class created the first ever walking tour of downtown Stephenville.  Students created their own research and imagery and combined it with archival photos to help define the character of the downtown area.  Students worked with members of the Chamber and the Erath Historical Society. Version 1 is linked here.  

Photography in South Africa 2013 – Now Accepting Reservations

The Tarleton Digital Media area is pleased to announce registration is open for the 2013 summer 2 class – Digital Safari Photography in South Africa. This class is open to all majors.  Art-486 will fulfill any upper level major elective needed for your degree plan.

Spend 10 days traveling to South Africa and visiting Kruger National Park, one of the largest reserves of wild animals in all of Africa.  Many of the park’s common residents can be seen in the famous viral video Battle of Kruger. Sleep in air-conditioned and furnished bungalows and wake up to catch wildlife while the African sun rises.  Come back for breakfast and class, where we will cover photography exposure basics, camera techniques, and special effects.  Other activities include guided bush walks, presentations by park rangers, and night tours.

To apply, point your browser to <> , and choose “Programs,” then the link for “Fine Arts.”  (direct link <> ) Both the program application and International Education Fee Scholarship application are available there.  You do not need to have a passport at this time to apply for the program, but you will need to obtain one (if you do not already have one) prior to departing for South Africa.  The deposit is $500, and it is payable at the Tarleton State University Business Office.  Return the program application and scholarship application to Mr. Ireland in Fine Arts 163 or the Art secretary Sara Simpson in room FA105.

The Art of Jordan Speer

As a young artist, illustrator and graphic designer in Kentucky, Jordan Speer has got the kind of versatile talent that we all dream of. His work spans a side array of platforms and mediums and his wit and sharpness can be seen across the whole spectrum of his portfolio. Incredibly bizarre and imaginative digital illustration work from this up and coming artist.

More at Juxtapoz and Jordan’s Tumblr.

Reading Rainbow Remixed

melodysheep remixes another PBS classic, following Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers and Julia Child.