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‘Faking It:’ Exhibit shows how artists manipulated photos before the age of digital technology

A new exhibit opened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC today, showcasing photo manipulation before the advent of Photoshop.

‘Man Juggling His Own Head’ (ca. 1880) by unidentified French artist

‘Room With Eye’ (1930) by Maurice Tabard (1897–1984)

See more of these amazing pieces in the original article:

Tim Harding Brown Bag Lecture this Thursday

Tim Harding, Tarleton faculty member and current exhibitor in the Fine Arts Gallery, will be giving a lecture in the gallery this Thursday from 12 to 1. Bring a lunch if you would like, and hear insights on his work from the artist himself.

Tim Harding exhibit and article

Congrats to Tarleton instructor Tim Harding for winning a “visionary award” through Fort Worth Weekly.  Come see his show at the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Gallery that is up until November 2nd. Also check out the write up in Fort Worth Weekly here.