Finding Beauty in Your “Mistakes”

The idea that art and beauty can only be found in perfection is as old as the ancient Greeks, but it’s an idea that’s long past its sell-by-date. While art and beauty can obviously be found in perfection, the idea that this is art’s only domain is just not true. One type of aesthetic that celebrates the opposite of perfection, embracing instead the art of error, is glitch art.

Glitch art sees beauty in machine malfunction—when your computer freezes up and throws up some cracked graphics and you want to scream, that abstract image is glitch art. And this topic is discussed in the latest PBS Off Book video The Art of Glitch. Which looks at how it’s a counter-cultural aesthetic sharing a lineage with punk music and hacking, that stands in opposition to the perfection seen in the mass media.

In the video, artist Phillip Stearns talks about the appeal and importance of glitch art, how it can be a gateway into understanding the cultural values that are associated with technology. While also helping to reaffirm the idea that our devices are open mediums for expression and creativity. (from Creator’s Project)

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