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Internship Opportunity: Social Media Research Institute

The Texas Social Media Research Institute (TSMRI) is excited to promote social media and to provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable experiences and learn exciting skills! This year, we are offering four internship opportunities: social media, training and development, conference planning, promotions/graphic design and journal.
SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNSHIP (4) – Fall/Spring/Summer -Help us maintain an active, professional social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc . -Analyze our effectiveness with tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc. -Help promote our social networks on campus & through local media. -Use techniques to increase our online influence & branding. -Help promote conference & TSMRI to local businesses, colleges, and universities.
PROMOTIONS/GRAPHIC DESIGNER (1) – Summer/Fall – Designing social media newsletter. – Designing logos, graphics, etc. – Other duties as assigned.
TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT INTERNSHIP (4) – Fall/Spring/Summer – Helping companies and organizations form a social media marketing/promotion plan. – Responsible for a small number of training sessions to train peers how to use certain aspects of Google Documents. – Function as a research consultant for peers during the data analysis process. – Functioning as a consultant for peers who need help uploading their research reflection on Chalk and Wire. – Helping peers to promote their surveys on campus.
CONFERENCE PLANNING INTERNSHIP (3) – Fall/Summer – Responsible for attracting sponsors and donors. – Responsible for creating, maintaining, and completing items on a conference planning checklist. – Communicating with presenters, session facilitators, and conference attendees. – Responsible for attracting conference volunteers.
JOURNAL & UNDERGRAD/GRADUATE RESEARCH ASSISTANT INTERNSHIP (2) – Spring/Summer/Fall – Responsible for helping the TSMRI board form a national research journal. – Responsible for analyzing research data. – Responsible for distributing research surveys. – Collaborating with TSMRI board to write research papers.
Applications are due on Friday, April 20th (Extended Deadline). Full information is available on this site . If you have any questions, please contact the Texas Social Media Research Institute via e-mail ( via e-mail or telephone (254-307-8211). Interviews will be held on Thursday, April 26, 2012.