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Student art show submissions due this Friday the 13th

Artwork for the annual student art show/scholarship exhibit should be turned in to me by Friday the 13th.

All majors are welcome to put work in the show.  I thin this is a good oppurtunity to show the best of what the digital media area has to offer. Each artist can put up to 3 of their best works.

If you need works printed larger than letter size, come see Professor Ireland before the 13th.  There will be a dry mounting demonstration offered on the 12th during art 234 for those of you who need their works mounted.  Their are two forms that need to be filled out for the show.  One is the gallery form that is for insurance purposes and for name and title info.  The other is for the Presidents Circle reception, which will be a seperate award that is described below.

If you want to participate in the scholarship competition, you may as long as you are an art major and have an overall GPA of above 3.0.  You may turn in six works to Professor Ireland or Seelig, including whatever works you put up in the show.  There is another form you have to fill out for the scholarship competition.

The President’s Circle reception is an event for the artist’s in the gallery to celebrate with the President of the school and selected benefactors of the University.  This is a formal reception, so appropriate dress is required.  It is on April 18th, at 6pm.  The President’s Circle will select works for the show to be displayed around campus.

Oppurtunities: Houston Student Film Festival, Deadline May 1st

The open call for the 2012 visvidfest is now underway!
The Texas Learning & Computation Center, at the University of Houston is
proud to announce the 4th annual student film festival in our state of the
art Visualization Theater! visvidfest celebrates a diverse amount of
creativity and gives the academic community a venue and an opportunity to
show their work to a broad audience. We welcome all genres and forms of
moving images up to five minutes in length. Given the special capabilities
of both HD and stereoscopic 3D at our Visualization Theatre, productions
that utilize this technology are especially encouraged!

If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us through this email or visit our website.

(from the email I got from University of Houston)