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Fotofest Houston seeking volunteer oppurtunities

FotoFest is an international non-profit arts and education organization, and we are looking for interested and reliable people 18 years of age and older to participate in our 2012 Biennial exhibitions. Volunteer opportunities include everything from gallery hosting to exhibition installation and helping out with opening receptions. It is not necessary to have an art or photography background – all we ask for is your enthusiasm, support, generosity, and willingness to learn new things. By volunteering, you will have the opportunity to learn about photography and meet others with similar interests.

See here for more oppurtunities

Fotofest is one of the premier arts events in Texas and would be an amazing oppurtunity for a digital media student to attend.  Tarleton does offer funding for students to attend conferences and events such as this one.  Please do not hesitate to contact Professor Ireland for more info.

2012 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the call for entries for the twelfth annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA). The competition recognizes the best student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, developers and computer artists from higher education institutions worldwide who have created innovative projects using Adobe software. Free to enter and open to students, faculty and staff of higher education institutions worldwide, the 2012 ADAA will be judged by a panel of international design experts in three independent judging sessions. Submission deadlines are January 27, April 27, and June 22, 2012, giving participants more opportunities and flexibility in submitting their work. Semifinalists will be announced after each judging session, providing participants with early visibility into their competition status. In October, finalists will be invited to attend the ADAA awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Calif., where winners will be announced and awarded Adobe software and cash prizes.

More info at the Adobe website

On view at the Fort Worth Modern: KAWS

The work of Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, who makes his art under the moniker “KAWS,” is the subject of the first Focus exhibition for the 2011–2012 season. KAWS’s vast body of work includes graffiti (early in his career), murals, paintings, and sculpture. Following along the continuum of Pop art, his work critiques contemporary consumer culture, blurring the boundaries between it and the art world. Building an artistic language, which includes altered forms of familiar animated characters, such as Mickey Mouse, the Michelin Man, and SpongeBob SquarePants, his cartoonlike hybrids are often depicted in various states of the human condition.

Most recognizable in all of his characters are the X-ed out eyes and/or hands. These Xs can be read in several ways. They serve as a simple, globally recognizable, branding device, which can be considered benign enough. Xs are used in some form in almost every field, including math, science, media, language, computers, and video games, and can have a positive or an extreme meaning. When written in a letter, the X symbolizes a kiss. In quick secession, XXX demarcates pornography. And when something is X-ed out, it is removed or negated. Read this way, KAWS’s X-ed out eyes and hands represent the virtual deaths of characters who are humanlike, but nonliving to begin with. Their implied emotional states prompt a range of emotions, from sadness to empathy to humor. In any case, we relate to them. (text taken from the Fort Worth Modern Website)

On View from December 11th to February 19th, 2012.