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What I learned about the web in 2011

Click here for an article written on the design blog A List Apart.  It is a great collections of stories, blurbs, and quotes from designers across the nation who are pondering what it meant to design for the web in 2011 and what it will mean in 2012.  Here is a sample quote:

It’s easy to forget that great design is bigger than well-chosen typefaces, sharp icons, harmonious color palettes, and pixel-perfect grid systems. Those are merely some of the ingredients that support a great design. This past year, I’ve led more working sessions, had more discussions, simplified more wireframes, edited more collaborative Google docs, responded to more Basecamp posts, written more stories, and spent less time in Photoshop and Illustrator than I ever have before. I’m a better designer for it.

I’m repeatedly reminded that the best design connects people.

Dan Mall, Design Director, Big Spaceship

read the full article here