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Other Thoughts

We are tired.  We are exhausted and we feel like we have nothing left to give.  We want it to be summer or we want to graduate.  We want to finish with a bang but we also feel like we are wadding, maybe even drowning in a river of projects.

Even now I sit writing this article wondering how I will complete this semester knowing I gave everything I could.  I find myself drifting into other thoughts that still relate to art and it’s possibilities but have nothing to do with the obligations of school.  I believe the trick however is learning how to release the pressures of the constant produce of artwork and combine our “other thoughts” with our “to-be-graded” pieces, creating work that represents who we are but also has the quality of an A grade.

Maybe this article doesn’t end with a solid ending but I hope it leaves you pondering the idea of combining the two ideas of “other thoughts” and “to-be-graded” pieces for you own personal gain.  For us to make it out there, we’ve got to stay true to what we do and also keep the determination of a professional.  Trust me, I am also telling myself these same words!

Image from Swoon-Just Seeds