VAN DITTHAVONG|Dallas-DC Photographer

Van Ditthavong has made an effective impact on the Dallas community and also stretching into Washington DC.  His photographs speak volumes of boldness while remaining subtlety  intriguing.  He began his photography journey at the age of 25 and hasn’t stopped since the day he picked up his first camera, though he claims his first images were nothing worth seeing.  His philosophy is “be curious. work hard. be kind.”His work includes lighthearted scenes of fire hydrants, dolls and even extending to immigration and the dark findings of prostitution.  He has had the fine privilege of working with Texas Monthly, Smart Money, American Way, Ad Week, Access and Ladies Home Journal.  His passion for storytelling has carried him faithfully in his past 10 years of work and will doubtlessly carry him farther down the river of interest.To treat your eyes further proceed to his website please.

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