Exhibition Oppurtunities: Ten Second Film Festival

DEADLINE JUNE 1, 2011The festival, which drew nearly 4000 eager movie-goers last year, is the film festival for both the amateur and immature; the talented and the unfortunate; the virtuoso and the accidental artist. Anyone can submit a Ten second film!SUBMITTING A FILMEmail your films to: tensecond@soapfactory.orgAnyone is free and encouraged to enter up to six films to the Ten Second Film Festival. All films submitted will be juried by curator Lillian Egner and a panel of trusted advisors. Films will be sorted into ten categories determined at the time of selection. On the night of the festival, prizes are awarded to the best films in each category. Winning films are determined by a panel of local celebrity judges and audience reaction. Past categories have included:, What the hell am I looking at?, Dance Off, Moment of Zen, Mindless Violence, Wait For It…, Kubrick Award, and Under the Influence.To view full submission guidelines visit soapfactory.org

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