Not everyone starts out as an awesome artist.  I’ve been researching different artists recently to read their biographies of how they got to where they are now.  Hardly any of them began in a state of awesomeness.  Though this may sound simple I think a lot of us get too easily discouraged thinking either we don’t have what it takes or even worse thinking we will never have what it takes. We all know everything is a process.  So why can’t we see that ourselves are indeed a process too?  I think the important thing here is that we are creating something; no matter what it is, or even if it’s “good.”  We are all here for a reason and hopefully it’s because we love art.  Let’s not get swept up in the expectations but rather let our own personal style flow! On a contradicting note however, Jian Wang did in fact begin in a state of awesomeness.  At the ripe age of twelve he was recognized by the Dalian Youth Palace Arts, where he studied for six years.  His recent work includes multiple, multiple paintings of young Beijing girls with inquisitive expressions.  His brush strokes are free and inviting pulling you in to examine the colors that were embedded in his brush at the time of placement.  To check out more of his work and read more about him head on over to his website!

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