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The Hill Shepherd Marketing Group in Stephenville is looking for an energetic go-getter with a willingness to learn and a variety of potential skills.  HSMG is the equine industry’s most effective niche marketing firm. The projects will include web site updates, Facebook updates, public relations, video editing and graphic design as needed.   The position has the potential to become permanent in April/May.To contact call: Sara Bewley at  254-965-8509

HEY YOU|Preparing for Spring 2011

The projects will begin the first day.  We all know that.  With those “projects,” come work habits, and with those work habits come different patterns for every artist.  For me it’s usually best if I start the process of a piece in secret, letting no one know what wheels are turning in my mind.  Sometimes I will rush into the idea without allowing myself to think twice about the work so that fear won’t have a chance to creep in.  However, most cases, I usually overanalyze the project and get fed up until I can’t stop thinking about it…then it’s this huge burst of something like, “I have to paint now!”   It’s the same way with photography for me.  I will imagine a shot for weeks, even months, adding and deleting portions until what is projected on the screen of idea making, has to become tangible.  I don’t consider myself to be a procrastinator for the simple fact that when I think of that word I think of lazy.  In some cases I need pressure to complete a painting, design, drawing or….a website, while other cases I enjoy grazing on the work for a stretched length of time until the finish date. The determining factors, however, are usually fear or confidence.  If I think I am not qualified or capable I find myself waiting until the last minute only to find I could complete the task just fine, and even enjoy it a little.  I believe it’s getting past the fear; saying “no” to the voice that says, “you don’t have what it takes, so don’t even try that.”  Of course we go for the things we know how to do or how to conquer, but what if we went for the very thing we were most afraid of?  For some the fear may include a style, a medium or even the cost of people misunderstanding your idea or ultimately who you are.  Let’s face it, art is a window to the soul and the ideas that flow from there, that deep and intimate place, are probably the very thing that will take you to that next level of “successful” creator, so let them flow! What I’m saying is we can’t afford to be afraid to try new things this semester in our art (and even our lives).  I think we all just might find an intensified, wonderful version of ourselves as artists and pursuers of what we desire, if we will just tell fear to “get out of my face!”I included this image by Josh MacPhee because of it’s title, The End of an Era.To see more of his digital work and others like him check out one of my favorite world wide web pages, Just Seeds.